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Kalliath Family Foundation makes a Magnificent Endowment to St. John

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Please join me in thanking Molly & Tony Kalliath (batch of ~1973) for endowing $100,000 for research at St. John's making this the single largest endowment by an Alumnus to date.

In a note to Dr Prem Pais, Tony wrote "My intention is to give this research award to a deserving candidate in the field of Hematology/Oncology. During your visit to New York last year, I had the opportunity to meet you at Marion's house. I had mentioned to you that I felt obligated to do something for St John's and this small contribution has given me a lot of satisfaction. Even though the amount involved is very small in the grand scheme of things,my hope is that this award will provide the impetus to establishment of post graduate training program in Hem/Onc at St John's Medical College."

Anthony ('Tony') Kalliath graduated from St. John's Medical College in 1978. After completing internship and doing a surgical residency at St. Martha's Hospital he did internal medical residency at Our Lady of Mercy Medical Center, NY and a Hem-Onc fellowship at Down State Medical Center, NY.

Following fellowship he moved to Alabama where has has practiced for 19 years as a Hem-Onc Specialist. Molly and Tony have 5 children of which 3 are in college. In his humble way, he was hesitant to publicize this magnificent contribution but was persuaded to do so, so that other Johnnites could consult him if they are contemplating a similar endowment.

The endowment will be administered by Friends of St. John's here in the US and the SJMC leadership in Bangalore. The plan is to use the proceeds of investments from the endowment to nurture/stimulate research at SJMC.

Nandini Shetty (Pathak) is awarded Clincal Excellence Award

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Please join me in congratulating Nandini Shetty for being awarded the Clinical Excellence Award by University College, London. This is in addition to the best teacher award by medical students for the last 5 years.

Prof Prakash Shetty is Editor-in-Chief, European Journal of C N

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Prof Prakash Shetty who taught us physiology after working for the FAO in Italy moved back to the UK as Professor at the University of Southampton. He is also Editor-in-Chief of European Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Congratulations to Prof Shetty.

Darrell D'Mello entrepreneur on the quest to cure Retinitis Pigmentosa

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Please join me in congratulating Darrell D\'Mello in his quest to cure retinitis pigmentosa. After completing medical school he plunged straight into industry moving to Minnesota via Mumbai and Singapore.

Check out:


Marian Kamath organizes Geriatric Mission to St. John's

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Please join me in congratulating Dr Marian Kamath for organizing a Geriatric Mission to St. John's The team of Harrison G Bloom MD, Director of International Clinical Education , and his associate, Frederick Sherman , MD Of the International Longevity Center – and affiliate of Mt Sinai Medical School, New York are headed for St John’s Medical College. They will be sharing their expertise on Geriatric Care at seminars and workshops from March 19th – March 27th 2008. Dr Prem Pais, our Dean and Dr Arvind Kasthuri, Professor of the Department of Community Health at St John’s Medical Center, will be hosting the event.

The Geriatric Department at St Johns Medical school, just celebrated its 2nd Anniversary, with multiple geriatric centers at Mugalur ( rural program) and Koramangala/Bangalore (urban program). Thanks to the generosity of Jet Airways , who sponsored the travel arrangements for Drs Bloom and Harrison, and the outstanding support of the Friends of St Johns who helped run the spectacular Golf Outing at the Cold Spring Country Club, Long Island NY, this Geriatric Mission has come into fruition. Marian, apart from supporting the Alumni organization here, has been active in building the Geriatric Dept at St. John's. Last year he organized a golf-outing to drum up fiscal support for supporting the Geriatric effort at SJMC.


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