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A labour of love and dedication by Dr Linda Robert

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Linda Robert

In mid october I was asked by Dr Maria Bukelo  if i was interested in painting a urn for the Alumni Association office which had not been done before .The urn was passed on to me in early November and it was larger  than I expected. It was a really pretty pot and I didn't want to ruin it with one of the silly designs out of my head.  I started scouring the internet for designs and also made Alex my classmate  take photos of the tablecloth in St.Antony's church.After much toggling in  in my mind I settled on a  wedding invite that I had saved years ago as the design was memorable.
I got down to painting by the second week of November. The first coat was a white base coat so that the shade of blue wouldn't change as it might if painted over the terracotta brown. After the base coat was done it took  two to three coats of blue with a foam brush to avoid brush marks after which I transferred the design on to the pot and painted it in white. The gold detailing was added later over the white. I initially intended to paint the same design on both sides of the pot later decided otherwise.The decision to paint only the St. John's emblem on one side was a last minute one.

I took about five weeks to complete it mainly because I was painting for a limited time on just two or three days per week. The last two days were marathon sessions till 2:00 a.m. so that I could finish it by the Christmas dinner on 12th.I hope every one enjoys my finished piece as it adorns the Alumni Association Office
I would like to thank Dr. Praveen Rodrigues and Dr. Maria Bukelo for giving me this opportunity. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and it was an honor to be asked to do this.

below are picture of the finished piece.


Congratulations Dr Sandeep Sachidananda

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Dr Sandeep Sachidananda recently won the first place in the specialty surgery resident paper competition for his presentation - "Use of Electromagnetic Navigational Bronchoscopy to localize small pulmonary nodules prior to minimally invasive sublobar resection - A novel approach "at the American College of Surgeons - Connecticut Chapter conference.

Sandeep is a surgical resident at Waterbury Hospital Connecticut. Congratulations !



Dr Victor Babu to represent the party in Aberconwy for the forthcoming General Election.

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Local surgeon Dr Victor Babu chosen as Aberconwy's Welsh Lib Dem candidate

December 12, 2014 11:02 AM

Victor BabuThe Welsh Liberal Democrats have selected Dr Victor Babu to represent the party in Aberconwy for the forthcoming General Election.

Dr Victor Babu, a well respected surgeon who has worked in Glan Clwyd Hospital for over a decade, lives with his family in Colwyn Bay.

In 2012, Dr Babu was the recipient of the 'BEST doctor Wales' for the year for "bringing innovation into the education."

Dr Babu is Chair of the North Wales Regional Equality Network (NWREN). The charity aims to promote equality, fighting discrimination and protecting human rights in North Wales.

Following his selection, Victor said:

"I am absolutely delighted that I am have been given the opportunity to be the Welsh Liberal Democrat candidate for Aberconwy.

"For too long our area has been neglected by the Welsh Labour Government and also the Tories who continue to fail to stand up for us in Westminster. It's essential that our voice is heard in the House of Commons and I am confident that I can be that voice.

"I am a Welsh Liberal Democrat because I believe not just in a stronger economy, but also a fairer society too. The choice in this election is clear: Labour will borrow too much, risking the economy. The Tories will cut too much, threatening public services. Whilst the Liberal Democrats will balance the budget, cut taxes for low and middle earners and ensure decent public services. We aim to create opportunity for everyone."

Kirsty Williams, leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats said:

"Victor is a fantastic candidate who I know will be a real local champion.

"We all know the troubles facing our health service, particularly in North Wales. Time and time again Victor has advised our party on these issues and his support has been invaluable. He understands the challenges facing our health service almost better than anyone and that is why it is so important that he is selected as Member of Parliament for Aberconwy. There is simply no one better to represent patients in North Wales."


Publication by medical students Pooja Mishra and Lisha Shastri

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Iron overdose in non-anaemic women can affect pregnancy

Iron overdose in non-anaemic women can affect pregnancy
A study at St John’s Medical College in Bengaluru by Pooja Mishra(left) and Lisha Shastri (right) revealed that excessive iron dosage could affect the baby, born or unborn
It is linked to low birth weight, premature deliveries & intrauterine growth restriction

She may be anaemic or not, but the good news about pregnancy anyway comes with large doses of iron supplement pills being prescribed - often as much as 100 mg per day. Although well-meaning, considering the huge national burden of anaemia among women - especially in rural areas - this practice may not actually be a good idea for healthy pregnant women after all!

A recent study by a group of doctors and students at St John's Medical College in Bengaluru revealed that excessive iron dosage among healthy, non-anaemic women could have an adverse effect not just on the pregnancy but also on the baby, born or unborn.

They say problems like low birth weight, premature birth and poor growth of the baby while in the womb (also called intrauterine growth restriction) may occur due to excess intake of iron. Dosage of iron, regardless of the haemoglobin level, was increased since 2013 by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare as part of the National Plus initiative because large number of women were diagnosed with anaemia especially in rural areas, leading to several maternal and child deaths.

The study was conducted on a sample size of 1,196 non-anaemic, healthy women. It was a part of the Obama-Singh Fellowship programme at St John's Hospital and has been published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition which is part of the Nature Group.

A cohort of non-anaemic pregnant women, who came to St John's Hospital, was studied. The women were aged between 17 and 40 and were free from any chronic illnesses like diabetes, hypertension, heart and thyroid diseases.

The principal investigators for the study were two final-year MBBS students, Pooja Mishra and Lisha Shastri from St John's Medical College who were among the first batch of students who were part of the research programme. They were guided by Dr Pratibha Dwarkanath, lecturer, division of nutrition, Dr A V Kurpad, professor and head, department of nutrition, St John's Research Institute.

The students were also invited to Harvard's School of Public Health as part of the exchange programme where they further analysed the study for three months.

The other investigators for the study included T Thomas, C Duggan, C M McDonald and A V Thomas.

Explaining the motive behind the study, Mishra said, "In India, there's a large burden of anaemia, which is why as per the national guidelines it was decided on a high dosage and all the doctors have to go by that rule. But the WHO (World Health Organisation) recommends a dosage of 60 mg and the same is followed in European countries and the level of iron is very good for women in these countries. The supplements are usually started in the second trimester (between third and sixth month) of pregnancy." The dosage was measured by interviewing the women on the amount they consumed and the study had some interesting revelations.

Based on the outcome it was seen that women who took their iron tablets dedicatedly without missing them were twice at risk of having babies with low birth weight as compared to people who took a lower dosage.

Shastri said, "There have been studies done across the world and in All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Delhi, where the results are similar. That suggests that there is a need to decrease the dosage of iron among non-anaemic women. Iron in high daily doses could be responsible for cellular damage through oxidative stress. This needs to be balanced with sufficient anti-oxidants which can be obtained from fruits rich in Vitamin C. The dosage of iron varies from one individual to another which is why there cannot be a standardised dosage that can be fixed for everyone."

The passing away of Dr Robin Mendanha

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Dr Mendanha is third from the right in goggles

Dr Robin Mendanha passed away peacefully in his sleep on November 27th 2014.He was just home after being treated for two weeks in a hospital in Goa for dilated cardiomyopathy.A minute's silence was observed before the start of the orationfor another Johnite on November 28 th & Dr Kishore Murthy paid a tribute to his classmate's memory. For those of us whom he taught, we have lost a brilliant teacher & a man who set trends in his day..first one to ..... across the mess hall...first one to make use of the quarry for performances...remember fondly the physio classes he took for us on the "lawns" in front of A block in the wilderness...all revolutionary even for those days. Dr Praveen Rodgrigues

The last time I met him was for lunch a couple of days before the GJ bash last August, and the last I spoke with him was on 28 April this year -- a birth date we shared. I will miss his frenetic bursts of activity, his copious flow of original ideas, his infectious humour, and his generous bonhomie. We will not forget you, brother.Walter Vaz

we carry him in our memories and stories. Robin was full of bright ideas and fun .....with love always RIP ( or create some chaos in heaven old friend..Jovita Crasta

Dominic Lobo ......Yes Robin was the quintessential rebel, going against every excepted norm. He taught us (Batch of 78) physiology while remaining totally silent for 3 month. Of course he had a great boss in Dr Prakash Shetty, Head of the dept, who allowed him this liberty. Anywhere or anybody else he would have been shown the door. But Robin was a great guy. Anytime you needed help he was available, in a quiet non- fussy way. Good teacher knew his concepts well. Later after he got over his bout of silence was very helpful in explaining models and
theories in physiology, in a very simple, lucid and understandable way. Yes like Jovita shared you are quite capable of creating a ruckus in heaven as well. Robin may you RIP

Anil Abraham....Added colour to our lives in the 80's. Different. And different has always been judged. Thank you for being Robin. Sir. RIP

Jai Raman..... That is so sad. He was a wonderfully entertaining Johnite, teacher & activist.

Alexander Martin ....RIP Robbin,....... a teacher and a friend with creative instincts, he thought freely, lived freely and strived for freedom of others,.....a great freedom fighter of our times.....Robbin you will there in spirit...

Michael Reay..... RIP Robin remember those physio tutorials by Gopis tea shack!

John Cherian Cherukara Unforgettable Robin. Man way ahead of his times

sad day indeed.Robin was our physiology tutor. I could not even begin to describe Robin. Colourful, Clever, Imaginative, often Misjudged......I could go on and on.
Sad, sad day.Rest in Peace Robin.Trevor Veigas

Sajive Henry Paul RIP Robin Mendanha! One of my favourite teachers.A Unique personality, who inspired me through those formative years. One of a kind!

Brian Noronha What a great guy robin was. He was full of fun as a teacher. I have never met an individual as unique as him, and perhaps that's the way he would like us to remember him, RIP robin.


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