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The passing away of Dr Robin Mendanha

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Dr Mendanha is third from the right in goggles

Dr Robin Mendanha passed away peacefully in his sleep on November 27th 2014.He was just home after being treated for two weeks in a hospital in Goa for dilated cardiomyopathy.A minute's silence was observed before the start of the orationfor another Johnite on November 28 th & Dr Kishore Murthy paid a tribute to his classmate's memory. For those of us whom he taught, we have lost a brilliant teacher & a man who set trends in his day..first one to ..... across the mess hall...first one to make use of the quarry for performances...remember fondly the physio classes he took for us on the "lawns" in front of A block in the wilderness...all revolutionary even for those days. Dr Praveen Rodgrigues

The last time I met him was for lunch a couple of days before the GJ bash last August, and the last I spoke with him was on 28 April this year -- a birth date we shared. I will miss his frenetic bursts of activity, his copious flow of original ideas, his infectious humour, and his generous bonhomie. We will not forget you, brother.Walter Vaz

we carry him in our memories and stories. Robin was full of bright ideas and fun .....with love always RIP ( or create some chaos in heaven old friend..Jovita Crasta

Dominic Lobo ......Yes Robin was the quintessential rebel, going against every excepted norm. He taught us (Batch of 78) physiology while remaining totally silent for 3 month. Of course he had a great boss in Dr Prakash Shetty, Head of the dept, who allowed him this liberty. Anywhere or anybody else he would have been shown the door. But Robin was a great guy. Anytime you needed help he was available, in a quiet non- fussy way. Good teacher knew his concepts well. Later after he got over his bout of silence was very helpful in explaining models and
theories in physiology, in a very simple, lucid and understandable way. Yes like Jovita shared you are quite capable of creating a ruckus in heaven as well. Robin may you RIP

Anil Abraham....Added colour to our lives in the 80's. Different. And different has always been judged. Thank you for being Robin. Sir. RIP

Jai Raman..... That is so sad. He was a wonderfully entertaining Johnite, teacher & activist.

Alexander Martin ....RIP Robbin,....... a teacher and a friend with creative instincts, he thought freely, lived freely and strived for freedom of others,.....a great freedom fighter of our times.....Robbin you will there in spirit...

Michael Reay..... RIP Robin remember those physio tutorials by Gopis tea shack!

John Cherian Cherukara Unforgettable Robin. Man way ahead of his times

sad day indeed.Robin was our physiology tutor. I could not even begin to describe Robin. Colourful, Clever, Imaginative, often Misjudged......I could go on and on.
Sad, sad day.Rest in Peace Robin.Trevor Veigas

Sajive Henry Paul RIP Robin Mendanha! One of my favourite teachers.A Unique personality, who inspired me through those formative years. One of a kind!

Brian Noronha What a great guy robin was. He was full of fun as a teacher. I have never met an individual as unique as him, and perhaps that's the way he would like us to remember him, RIP robin.

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