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Congratulations to the Johnites that matched in 2015

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The following Johnites from various batches that  matched into programs for 2015 the list will be updated as names roll in
1) Omkar Phadke- Pediatrics
2) Priyanka Mathias-Internal medicine
3) Meera Sundar-Family medicine
4) Biju Poulose- Psychiatry
5) Swathi  Subramany (2007) Categorical internal medicine 
6) Nimmy John ....Categorical internal medicine
7) Serin Edwin- Internal Medicine
8) M D Jose ....Internal Medicine
9) Mark M Aloysius.......Prematch categorical Internal medicine at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine Bronx Program at the VA hospital.New York
11)Mary Ann Prakash... Pediatrics
12) Avian Chang- Surgery
13) Sherwin Desouza...Internal Medicine
Johnite spouses that matched
1) Sandhya Choudhary (Rajesh Zachariah's wife): Advanced Dermatology
2) Yamini Sachinanand (Sandeep Sachidanand's wife): Internal Medicine

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