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Tribute to Dr. M K Chandrasekhara

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Dr. MK Chandrashekar, better known as MKC, was my teacher and mentor both at St. Martha’s Hospital and later at St Johns Medical College and Hospital.He headed the Department of Pediatrics for many years at both places and has been responsible for laying such a strong foundation for the Pediatric Department at St John’s and for shaping many a budding paediatricians career including mine.

He had multiple areas of interest: Neonatology, Cardiology, Nephrology, Genetics. He could “ smell Klebsiella when he came into the NICU, he would diagnose failure to thrive by “rib count “, to him every dysmorphic baby was a FLK : funny looking kid, never a dysmorphic baby, he was famous for reading and teaching ECG’s at 2 PM when everyone was hypoglycemic at the end of rounds. 

He had a little blackboard in his office room at St John’s on which he would scribble his work that needed to be done with target dates : he would be extremely happy after the target date was over ( irrespective of whether work was completed or not ). He was extremely meticulous, almost obsessive of his case records and expected others to do the same. 

MKC was extremely baby friendly, his life revolved around his little patients. He would have been happy to be a pied piper for his little patients !!He was fun loving but strict, a disciplinarian but soft hearted, punctual but there was no time limit for finishing OPD/ rounds/ discussions !!! It was great being trained by him, it was a privilege working with him and was a pleasure knowing him. 

Will miss you sir! 

Dr. Swarna Rekha

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