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Information and questions answered about the student scholarships

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The above picture is one of the White Coat  Ceremony of the new incoming batch of freshmen of Saint John's batch of 2015.
The AA committee has ratified that they will under their leadership be starting a corpus to provide scholarships for five incoming students who are bright but cannot afford the fee structure of the medical college.
Below are some of the questions that may be of interest to any Johnite or any one else who wishes to support this cause.The AA now has a standing ,that donations will be characterized under 8O G so folks in India or those who donate in rupees could avail of the tax advantage and they are also  working hard to obtain an FRCA status so folks in the US and other places can also obtain a tax advantage.(as of today has not happened hopefully will soon)
This year a student who secured 68 rank in the CET and was admitted into the class of 2015 declined to register with Saint Johns as he could not afford the fees.It is causes such as this  of the young man should question the alumni if our old beloved institution is becoming a place only where the rich and smart can thrive.If you wish to make it a school where one or five students who are the bright and are willing to work hard and who make the grade and who cannot afford the fee structure should be admitted,then this is something that you should support with all your heart in whichever currency you wish to donate.If you wish to ask more questions please do they will be answered.
1:What is the amount you wish to achieve.?

Reaching 2.5 Crore INR is the initial objective/goal for the USP (unique scholarship plan). This Principal will be enough to cover the fees of one student for 5 years or 5 students for 1 year each. We can add onto it as we progress down the years.
2.If they pledge is there a time limit when they can give the AA the amount there a time frame to make the donation.?

Currently no time frame set....up to the individual. However, we have to ensure the money is in our bank account before December of the calendar year so that we can send an intimation to the college management/CBCI to include it in their "prospectus" so that incoming students or aspiring Johnites are made aware that there is such a merit cum means scholarship that they can apply for it (we find a lot of good students not joining SJMC after making it through the interviews et al simply because their parents cannot bear the burden of the education/fee structure @ st johns & hence opt for other colleges).
Therefore, the Faster we raise this corpus, the faster we can implement it.
3 What is the criteria the AA will use to give the deserving student the scholarship money.?

Criteria will be Merit Cum Means...will be set by the "stakeholders" (includes donors, AA executives & management) ONLY after the corpus has been raised.
4 Once a student get the scholarship does he have to perform at a certain level to keep getting the scholarship in the subsequent years.

Yes...there is proposed to be an "ongoing" monitoring program /system in place where a base minimum criteria is to be set to claim scholarship for the next year so the standard has to be maintained else, it will be revoked.
5 if a deserving student gets the money till they graduate  then how do they repay the institution for the gift they got through the AA scholarship.

We propose to "link" the acceptance of the scholarship to a "compulsory" honouring of the erstwhile 'bond' or Rural Outreach for the specified 2 yrs past completion of MBBS & we may also put in other riders' (as decided upon by the committee instituted) to ensure they can "pay it forward" & suggestions most welcome.

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