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Dr Prem Pais's response to Dr Mohan A's note

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I am writing in response to the detailed post by Dr A. Mohan about the Knowledge Centre (KC). I was travelling when the post appeared and have seen it just recently. Since I figure in his post I feel it is appropriate for me to comment on the matter.

I was Dean of SJMC through the GJ celebrations in 2013 until December of that year when Dr Srinivasan assumed charge. Until my retirement to my knowledge there was no change in plans for the KC although there had been a delay because the new building was not ready. As Mohan writes the floor plans and quotes from suppliers of simulators had been obtained and all was in readiness for the completion of the building. About a year ago I heard that the college was focusing on having in place infrastructure required for increase in MBBS seats to 150 and that the KC would be taken up thereafter. I know that many alumni (including myself) have given donations towards the KC and expected to be recognized in cubicles, rooms etc in the KC. A month or so ago I spoke to Dr Srinivasan about the matter since I anticipated that questions would be asked. He assured me that the KC plans continue but that the location may be changed to the ground floor of the old college building which is being re-modeled. This to my knowledge is where the matter stands.

Finally I must write that I am intrigued at Mohan’s conclusions. Are they factual or derived from local gossip or imagination? I know that two items at least are inaccurate. He writes that as I knew my tenure was nearing its end I “took no further interest”. How did he conclude this? Or that Dr Swarnarekha stepped down from the KC subcommittee at the time of the GJ. She did not. She remained its convener until she left the institution in2014. So I wonder about his comments on “mischief and sabotage” and about the Associate Director. Dr Mohan is a senior faculty and has held (probably still holds) positions of responsibility in the institution. He could have directly approached the management or others and spoken about the KC issue before his public post.

In the end let’s all hope that the KC will be established. I remain confident that the funds donated towards it will be used for the purpose for which they were donated by the management.

Prem Pais

Batch of 1964.

Former Dean

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