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Our Own Mary Glowery ...Dr Sr Rosily

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Batch 1975 has ten missions doctors who graduated in 1981 all doing inspiring work in their respective areas .Since the AA is talking about a Dr. Sr. Mary Glowery award I felt that I could tell the story of our very own classmate who belongs to the same order as Sr Mary Glowery. We also have Dr. Sr. Mary Thomas who also belongs to the same batch and same order whose story will be highlighted on another occasion.

After graduating from MBBS and DGO from SJMC Sr. Dr. Rosily worked in many rural areas of India till 1989. In 1990 they were invited by Sunyani Bishop Rev. James Owusu Of Ghana Africa to extend the services in the land of Gold to work among the people of Africa , a remote and backward area namely in Yeji, Atebubu and Kwasibuokram (KBK) through apostolates of education, healthcare and social enterprise.. A group of five JMJ Sisters were selected for this mission Dr. Sr. Rosily Kannampuzha, Sr. Jovita Plakkal and Sr. Luciana Kalapura all three from India and Srs. Johanna Roring and Sr. Angelinio Poluan from Indonesia. They left for Yeji-Ghana on 25th July 1990.

They started a small clinic in Yeji with six sisters and a few local staff for serving the local community with proper healthcare, and then started JSS School at Atebubu in 1997 to help the backward community with better education facilities.

11c8Sr Rosily describes this as a enriching cross cultural experience. There were many patients who were HIV positive that other doctors were unwilling to treat .She bravely did caesarians sections on these folks while also being confronted by other emergencies like ruptured spleens and obstructed hernias.Not having much experience with the above she still successfully did surgery with good outcomes on these poor abandoned patients.Sr Rosily could possible be the first Johnite to do Caeserian sections on HIV positive women, a skill now common place in OGYN.As her confidence grew so to her reputation so much so that she was known as the Renowned hernia doc in that region of Africa.

When she came back to India she went on the study HIV fellowship medicine at CMC Vellore .She came across the Director of Red Cross HIV Centre in Maharashtra who informed her that no one was willing to work among these patients in Panchagani.She took permission from the JMJ sisters her order and went to work there till they could find a replacement for her which took roughly about 7 years. Bel air hospital Panchagani. is a red cross society institution which specially focused on HIV/AIDS care managed by catholic priests society.

While they treated all kinds of patients their focus was women and children. In those days there would be about 200 inpatient HIV patients many women who became HIV positive after marriage. Some of these women lost their husbands to the disease and some of them also has HIV infected children.These women were thrown out of their homes and faced unimaginable problems.Orphan children were placed in homes and some of the women besides being treated also got jobs in the local area and hospital as also rehabilitation is/was what they did at this center. Dr. Sr Rosily and others in her team had not only to treat their medical conditions but also make sure they were taken care of by other means.

She was not only a compassionate doctor but also a social worker ,teacher,pioneer and wears many other hats.Today she is working in a rural part of Bangalore called Nagawara which is less challenging compared to areas she has previously worked in, but never the less continues to do good and make a difference in peoples lives around that area. By this brief inspiring short story on Dr Sr Rosily you can see how she has lived the dream of Sr Mary Glowery and her mission work does not stop but continues to inspire all around her.Not only is she a brave doctor who pioneered in many fronts ,she never forgot her compassion and love for fellow human beings.Mother Theresa said "I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples" Dr. Sr. Rosily has by her work created many ripples in the water that she has throw a stone in. 

We the batch of 1975 are honored to have her as our classmate.

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