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Home Articles Profiles Distinguished Professor Award: Joseph Antony, FRCS, FACS

Distinguished Professor Award: Joseph Antony, FRCS, FACS

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Surgeon without Peer, Educator, Humanitarian - anyone of these accomplishments would make a life complete. But Dr Joseph Antony has succeeded in combining all these and more during a life time of achievements of which we, the Johnites, have been the major beneficiaries.

Amongst the earliest arrivals in the clinical faculty at St John’s Medical College, Joe excelled in the craft of surgery — neat, precise and successful with a minimum of wasted movements, the hallmark of an efficient surgeon. Both in General Surgery and Urology, a new discipline in Bangalore at that time, he demonstrated skills that made successful surgical outcomes not a matter of chance but of skill, knowledge and dedication. His work ethic and consummate surgical abilities have influenced a generation of young men and women at St. John’s to follow his example and choose surgery as their dedicated mission in life. I for one would have had a different life and career path but for him . Joe, for that and much more I am eternally grateful to you.

When I went to Millard Fillmore Hospital In Buffalo, New York, to do my general surgical residency (of course, thanks to Joe’s recommendation,) I had a very high standard to live up to. For Joe had been the very first Indian resident surgeon in that program and had established a high standard that not only facilitated my acceptance into that program but also necessitated that I live up to the level of excellence that he had set forth. Needless to say I had several sleepless nights .I did not want to let him down...Years after he had left the scene, Joe was loved and respected at Millard by those that had come to know him.

The values that you displayed in your day to day life both at home and abroad have influenced so many of us to be caring and considerate surgeons. We thank you for that role. After a spectacular career in surgery that impacted the lives of the famous including movie stars and the not so famous when Joe decided to call it a day life dealt him some unexpected blows. He lost his beloved daughter and his life mate in quick order. It has been said that the measure of a man is defined in how he deals with adversity and thank God, Joe has faced this with typical tenacity and determination. Much as he grieved, so did he put his enormous talents to work. In quick order he put together a charitable trust that facilitates the education of health care professionals destined to play leadership roles. We, who know Dr. Joseph Anthony well that much more, will be accomplished by this remarkable human being in the days ahead.

Already his accomplishments have earned him a place of honor in the St John’s Hall Of Fame and just as importantly in our hearts.

Joe, we wish you happiness and God speed in your endeavours.

Mohan Peter, MD
First Batch

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