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Home What's New Latest news St John's Medical college & Bio-Rad Laboratories organize awareness seminar on Autoimmune Disorders

St John's Medical college & Bio-Rad Laboratories organize awareness seminar on Autoimmune Disorders

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Bio-Rad Laboratories today organised a awareness seminar on Autoimmune disorders in association with St John’s Medical College. The seminar is second in the three seminar series, which moves Hyderabad next.

Autoimmune seminars is a unique initiative by Bio-Rad Laboratories in its attempt to generate awareness on autoimmne disorders and its diagnosis amongst the medical fraternity. The seminar was attended by medical practitioners, pathologists, researchers among others who discussed some of the latest happenings in the emerging area of autoimmune diseases and their diagnostics.

Speaking on the occasion Dr Usha Kini, Head of Department of Pathology, St John’s Medical College said “It is important that diagnosis of autoimmune disorders is given due importance”. She congratulated Bio-Rad Laboratories for bringing together the Automotive fraternity to a common platform towards tackling these kind of disorders.

Autoimmune disorders are a result of body’s immune system mistaking self tissues for nonself, and subsequently mounting an inappropriate attack. Symptoms of autoimmune diseases vary widely on the type of disease. Some of the common symptoms are fatigue, dizziness, malaise etc. Specific symptoms could be as serious as destruction or change in size of an organ or a tissue. Diagnosis hence is an important aspect in autoimmune diseases, says Mr Dhiren Wagle, Country Manager, Bio-Rad Laboratories (India). Mr Wagle added “These tests determine the location and extent of damage or involvement. They are useful in charting progress of the disease and as baselines for treatment”.

Some of the Autoimmune disorders are as under:

  • Rheumatoid arthritis. Occurs when the immune system attacks and destroys the tissues that line bone joints and cartilage. The disease occurs throughout the body, although some joints may be more affected than others
  • Grave's disease. Caused by an antibody that binds to specific cells in the thyroid gland, causing them to make excessive amounts of thyroid hormone
  • Myasthenia gravis. A condition in which the immune system attacks a receptor on the surface of muscle cells, preventing the muscle from receiving nerve impulses and resulting in severe muscle weakness
  • Autoimmune hemolytic anemia. Occurs when the body produces antibodies that coat red blood cells
  • Pernicious anemia. Disorder in which the immune system attacks the lining of the stomach in such a way that the body cannot metabolize vitamin B12
  • Ankylosing spondylitis. Immune system induced degeneration of the joints and soft tissue of the spine
  • Vasculitis. A group of autoimmune disorders in which the immune system attacks and destroys blood vessels
  • Type I diabetes mellitus. May be caused by an antibody that attacks and destroys the islet cells of the pancreas, which produce insulin
  • Multiple sclerosis. An autoimmune disorder that may involve a virus affects the central nervous system, causing loss of coordination and muscle control

Autoimmune Seminars cover a wide gamut of disorders , some of which are complicated and difficult to understand . Seminars like these are an initiative from Bio-Rad to educate the medical fraternity which will further help in better treatment of patients suffering from these disorders .

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