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College Magazine 2009-Note From The Editor

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Respected Alumnus,
We, the Editorial Team of the 2009 College Magazine, St. John’s Medical College, Bangalore, have selected ‘HISTORY OF ST. JOHN’S’ as our Theme for the magazine. We are trying to bring together information about St. John’s Medical College and more importantly about the life of the students here right from the time it was established and we request a few moments of your busy schedule to answer this questionnaire. We are extremely grateful to you for your support.Yours Sincerely,Danny George,Editor- The 2009 College Magazine, St. John’s Medical College.

Kindly answer the following questions with regard to the time you spent in St. John’s Medical College as an Undergraduate.

1. Batch :
2. 3 popular movies of your time 
3. 3 favorite music bands/artists (English/International/Hindi/Regional)
4. 3 places around John’s were you used to hang out/spend your free time 
5. If you remember, what was the cost of
    a. Harrison’s textbook of medicine?
    b. A movie ticket?
    c. 1 litre of petrol?
    d. Your favorite drink/beverage (Kindly specify the name of the drink/beverage)?
    e. The Mess bill?f. Your internship stipend?
6. 3 common modes of transport you used. 
    Kindly specify the name and model of the vehicle if it was not a mode of public transport.
7. Any cultural event/practice/Johnite custom that existed in your time but has been discontinued now. If you know the reason as to why it was discontinued, kindly specify.
8. If you have any interesting photographs that could tell some stories or show us how St. John’s used to look back in your time, kindly forward them to us by mail. 

In view of our efforts to recreate in a book, the ethos and spirit among Johnites of all times, articles/quotes/anecdotes with respect to the same or even simple narrations of interesting incidents/events/happenings during your time in St. John’s are welcome. A soft copy (file in .PDF format) of the magazine, which is set to be released early next year, will be sent by mail to all who contribute. 

Kindly send in your replies and contributions before the 15th of December, 2008 to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Thank You.

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