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Johnite Dr Mario Desouza - one of the organisers of the GGC

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Dr Mario De souza the CEO/MD Director of the Royal Hospital of Oman and the  founder and General Secretary of the Gulf Goan Association helped th organise the Global Goan Convention November 2009.Of the 1.4 million Goans 1.7 percent are in the gulf region. Dr De souza  is also author of the book Hospital administration which he  co wrote with our now deceased Dean C M Francis.Dr Desouza was also associate administrator of the Saint Johns Hospital.He  has over 25 years of experince in Hospital Management.


Muscat, Nov 5: It was like the whole Goan Diaspora from all over the world coming together at one venue as one family to present the past, discuss the present and plan the future.  It was a meet of many intellectuals from Goa and Goan origin to exhibit their knowledge on Goa, outline the full length past history and present the future prospects of the land of joy, Goa.  

The fourth Global Goan Convention commenced at the Indian Embassy Multipurpose hall on Saturday, 5th November 2009 at 10.00 am was a dream of HE Mr.  Eduardo Faleiro, the Honorable Commissioner for NRI Affairs, Government of Goa, primarily to unit the Goan spread all over the world and then, to focus on the problems of Goans.  It was a suitable platform to promote Goan art, culture and social interaction, and also to provide an emotional link between the Goans of the world.

The first Global Goan Convention was held in the year 2006 in Goa and then, in Portugal (2007) and Canada (2008). The current convention is being organized under the patronage of HE Mr. Eduardo Feleiro and His Excellency Mr. Anil Wadhwa, the Ambassador of India to Oman. The whole program of two days, 5th and 6th November, is formulated and arranged by the Goan Community of Oman (GCO) under the able leadership of Flynn De Lima, the current President of GCO. 

In the morning hours, there was a graceful Goan spirit spreading around the venue at the lawns of Indian Embassy Building at Al Khuwair. Every Goan entered the premises had a cheerful smile to share to the fellow Goans. Everyone was beautifully dressed for the grand occasion of the year.Dr. Mario De Souza beautifully presented the true outlines of “The Goan” and “The Gulfie” the popular term of the Goan working in the Gulf.  He also aptly narrated the transformation takes place in the living standards in Goa, once a Goan becomes a Gulfie. He stressed that the Goans all over the world are truly famous for their diligence, loyalty and integrity.

Dr. Mario presented the theme of the current convention which is “the Gulf Goan”. He also highlighted the core topics revolving around this theme are :

Overseas Goan Groups
Employment Opportunities and Conditions abroad
Preserving and Promoting Goan Identity and Culture
Family Issues – Education, Communication, Travel, Housing, Entertainment
Investment Opportunities in Goa
Relocating back to Goa.
Dr. Mario pointed out the existing problems of Non-resident Goans in Goa specially in securing seats for NRG’s children in the Medical colleges and the Goan Identity for NRGs. He also requested the Government authorities to help to sort out the existing problems of NRGs   .

To read more and see pics please access the link below                                                               

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