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They Shall See Because Of Us

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Yeswanthapuram village,
Jangaon 506 167
Warangal,AP India.
Report of the cataract operations for the year Jan-DECEMBER2007
Arogyamatha Udumala Hospital is a unit of Catechist sisters of St.Ann, which manages charitable institutions. The hospital was established in 1984 to extend medical care to the people in and around Jangaon. The hospital is 50 bedded and it is fully equipped.
Dr.Sr.Innamma,MBBS,DGO. and her staff have been offering their service earnestly, focusing on and catering mostly for Obstetric and gynecological cases. During last few years we came to sense another need. It is of people who suffer from eye complaints. After much praying and thinking and with the intention of serving the rural poor who suffer from diminished vision we started eye clinic named Nelson-Curnyn in our Arogyamatha Udumala Hospital two years ago,to be exact on 14 July 2005. We have now necessary equipment for eye examination and fully equipped operation theatre for cataract operation.
We would like to present to report of 500 beneficiaries who underwent cataract operation at Arogyamatha Udumala Hospital .
Motivation of the patient  
We are conducting cataract-screening camps twice in a week on Monday and Saturday with the assistance of  ophthalmic assistant in the following villages of Jangaon Lingalganpur and  Raghunathpally Mandals.
Vanaparthy         Pembarhy           Shameerpet
Kadavendi          Dharmakancha   Vadlakonda
Kanchanpally     Devarappala       Lingalganpur
Yellamla            Yeswanthapur     Weavers Colony
Reddipuram       Chariyal              Hanumanthpur
Narimetta          Raghunathpally   Chithur
Macupahad       Nidigonda            Gundlagadda
Patelgudem       Ganugupadu        East Nidigonda
Chitakodur        Chowdaram         Kallem
Nagaram            Navabupet
Patients are brought to the hospital after screening for cataract.
They are provided transport facility.
Preparation for surgery
Physical examination, lab investigations are done for all patients. If they are fit for cataract surgery we conduct eye examination-Kerotometry, Tonometry, refraction. A-scans to asses the size of the lense . We prepare them for surgery . .The doctors of regional eye hospital  from Warangal come regularly twice a week to conduct cataract operations.Every Sunday and Tuesday they operate ten patients on an average and conduct pre-operative check-up to all the  patients. So far we have had 2010 cataract operations done from the time we started tye eye clinic on July 14,2005.
            Cataract list for the year Jan-Oct 2007
                            Male-   167
                            Total-    468
Postoperative patients are taken care in hospital. They stay with us on Sunday and they are discharged on Monday. We give them   postoperative medicines free of cost. On discharge we counsel them regarding the precautions to be taken. During postoperative period they come to hospital for check-up at weekly interval.After six weeks we provide them spectacles.
Impact of the programme- The senior citizens that are blind, lonely, helpless and living in darkness before surgery are experiencing the fullness of joy after the cataract operation and their faces are radiant with the happiness and gratitude, when they regain their vision back. They join both their hands and pray for their benefactors and they bless you with their simple and humble hearts. They were sad before cataract operations now they are filled with joy. They were in darkness and now they were filled with light and hope.
Dear Donors, Dr Deepak, Dr.Shouri, Dr Gregory Nelson,Dr Arnold Curnyn,Dr.Kimberlee, Dr.Bernadet Nazareth,Dr Ranga Nayak,Dr.Allen,Dr.Rajgopal, I appreciate your dedication and hard work towards the less privileged people in the society. You fill their lives with hope and happiness and you give them courage to live with dignity. I thank you sincerely for your generous interest in helping our cataract patients. It is because of you we could run this project successfully. Our hearts are filled with gratitude and love. Further I would like to convey my gratitude on behalf of our patients, some of whom are aged and illiterate and most of them are women. It is really joyful to look at their bright faces after regaining their good eyesight. I wonder how many would have had the joy of seeing again without the free treatment available at our center.
Future of the programme –The clinic staff and I have a dream to make our eye clinic one of the best eye care centers for the very poor and needy people. I am sure with Gods blessings, manifested certainly in your kind cooperation and that of people like you, we achieve this goal. We the staff and patients express our gratitude for your generosity and kindness.
Thanking you,
Yours sincerely  
Dr. Sr.Innamma. 

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