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Silver Jubilee Celebrations 2007-1980-1982

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Silver Jubilee Celebrations (Batches 1980, 1981 & 1982) – Aug 2-4 , 2007

The response to these celebrations was rather good with 95 Jubilarians coming back to their Alma mater with their families.


                                                       1980 batch

                                                                                       1980 GROUP

The first day was meant to be “academic” with a CME on “Diabetes” hosted by the Dept of Endocrinology. Delegates included General Practitioners from Bangalore, PG’s from local Medical Colleges and our own Doctor Sisters with intermittent guest appearances by the Jubilarians. The Director Rev. Dr. Thomas Kalam hosted Lunch for the Silver Jubilarians and their families The Annual General Body Meeting was held at 4.00pm. Later that evening each class had their Individual Class Get-togethers at independent locations with typical St.Johns gossip.

                                                   1981 2

                                                                              1981 GROUP

 The 2nd day was a common picnic at Confident Cascade Resort with Breakfast, Lunch, Tea and Dinner being organized at the Resort.

 “Thanni” was unlimited. Very conspicuous in the pool was the extra pounds meticulously accumulated over the years. Cricket matches, dance and music continued till bones creaked.

                                        1982 1

                                                              1982 GROUP

The next morning saw the Silver Jubilarians clash with the current college Hockey team.(And as usual the Jubilarians always “won” !!).


The Grand Banquet and Get-together was held later that evening at the St. John’s Medical College Hostel Mess. Our guests included all Alumni with spouse, all past and present Teachers, and the management. The Jubilarians and their families were Special Invitees at the Banquet.  Each Jubilarian was presented a Titan designer watch with the St. Johns logo on the dial. It was a night of nostalgia, with repeated comments like - “We are really lucky to have made it”, “I would not like to miss this for all the world”, “St. Johns is, and was always the best”…...


To see pics of the reunion Irwin Link BELOW

Many thanks to Irwin Lasarado, Theo Joachim ,Roy Malliakal,Srinivas Chinataptla and Vasanth Roa Kadam   all who have contributed their pictures

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