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Friends Of St. John's

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Friends of St. John's Medical College Inc. was established in 1993, set up specifically to help St. John's Medical College, Bangalore. It is incorporated as a charitable not for profit organization. IRS has granted Tax Exempt status.

Below is a summarized report of last two years.

Main fund raising events were the Golf outings held in New York in 2000 and 2001. These events had broad support and had a net collection of $69,801.57.

Many alumni were very generous with their direct donations to Friends of St. Johns.. Dr. Basil Veliath of the first batch leads the pack with a $25,000.00 donation. He has set a good example for others to follow. Dr. Wenzel Vas, class of 1967 has shown his commitment to his Alma Mater with a donation of $8,000.00. Many alumni have given four figure amounts during 2000-'01. A complete list will be posted here soon.

There were special named funds established to honor Dr. Louis Monteiro, first dean of St. Johns and Dr. Francis Noel Fernandes, class of 1977 who died of cancer. Both these funds are open for contributions.

Catholic Charities of Long Island awarded a grant of $ 30,000.00 to Friends of St. Johns for Indian faculty to come to US for training. Dr. Phillip Thomas, Dr. George D'Souza, and Dr. Rema Devi were in US recently.

Friends of St Johns supported costs of sending 2 shipment containers of dialysis machines, respirators, books, and other used and new equipment to St. Johns.

Direct payments totaling $ 12,793.75 towards purchasing new equipment were made.

Dr. Mary Ollapally, Dean of St. Johns who was in US in the year 2000 was supported by funds from Friends of St. Johns.

Through contributions of alumni, Friends of St. Johns was able to send $74,652.00 for the construction of auditorium.

Dr. Mohan Peter, class of 1963 established a scholarship with a corpus of $25,000.00 for the benefit of a poor student at St. Johns. Many of the above activities were made possible by tireless efforts of Drs Peter Dsa and Marian Kamath.
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