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Making a difference one patient at a time

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Dr Nicholas Furtado receives Class Act Award at University  Of Illinois Medical centre

Awardee: Nick Furtado, MD — Emergency Medicine Physician
Manager: Gary R Strange, MD Professor and Head Department of Emergency Medicine
Nominated by: Mother of a patient

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The nomination reads, “Words cannot explain this doctor, he is the world’s best doctor.

I meet Dr. Furtado when my son was first in the NICU. He came in and said, “Hi my name is Dr. Furtado but you can call me Nick.” He was sent from heaven to take care of my son. He was the best thing that ever happened to us. Dr. Furtado would do anything for my son. When I paged him and told him something was wrong, this doctor would meet me the parking lot and take care of him himself.

Dr Nick is at the extreme right

My son was a hard stick, but Dr. Nick knew right where to go to get blood. He treated him like he was his own. When I couldn’t make it to the hospital, I would let Dr. Furtado know. If he was off, he would sit with him; even if he was at work he would go and check on him and make sure he was ok.

My son needed about 4 different doctors because of his problems but Dr. Furtado knew him like the back of his hand. I would give my life just to say thank you. I know that without God and Dr. Furtado, he would not have made it to see his 4th birthday. Dr. Furtado is the best and I think the University should know about this. Dr. Furtado was there every step of the way. He even walked with my son to the morgue when his struggle was over. He is a great doctor and I just want to say thank you”.

Dr. Strange adds,” I am totally supportive of Dr. Furtado being recognized in this way. He is a most attentive and caring physician and never fails to go out of his way to provide excellent patient care. He is highly knowledgeable and has superb medical judgment. He works hard during his shifts and frequently stays over to make sure all his patients are completely taken care of. I can't imagine that any physician could be more deserving of a Class Act Award.”

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