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Giving Birth The Jeyarani Way

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Earlier on this year I had the pleasure of Dominic Misquith visit me in Cleveland. During our walk down nostalgia lane discussing various common folk we knew came across the fact one of our seniors was doing something I had not heard about before. Being naturally curious I felt compelled to know more about her and the work she was doing. After some detective work tracked down the e-address of Gowri Motha and boldly wrote to her fully aware of the possibility that she would look at my intentions with suspicion and not write back. Much to my surprise and elation I did hear back from her and with her permission proceeded to do this piece.

Gowri graduated from Saint Johns Medical College in the mid seventies and moved to London, England. She trained in Obgyn and was doing a lot of deliveries. After 12 years of doing this she felt that there must be a better way to make moms feel relaxed and have a more enjoyable experience in giving birth. She felt that conventional way of delivery was crisis management and was often times extremely stressful to the mothers giving birth. Growing up with a father who was a physician she had seen him exult in the ways conventional medicine, however her Sri-Lankan childhood exposed her to the wisdom of older Eastern medicine. As she researched more into how women can have a healthy pregnancy and an enjoyable childbirth she came up with Gentle Birth method also known as the’ Jeyarani Way’ which is named after her mother. This method provides a mind-body approach to birth preparation that aims to give mothers, as far as possible an intervention free, fear-free method of birthing where mothers are more able to have a drug-free birth.

Mothers and fathers are taught how to manage the sensations of childbirth with self hypnosis and visualisation classes that includes teaching them hands-on Stephenson’s Creative healing massage techniques that comes from the USA!

“The Jeyarani way” Core physical treatments include natural hands-on treatments like Reflexology, Stephenson’s Creative Healing, the Bowen technique, Cranio-sacral therapy, with correct eating guidelines following Ayurvedic guidelines.

Gowri’s philosophy, is to give back to mothers their confidence in their bodies ability to give birth naturally. This more likely if mothers look after their bodies in a natural way.

Gowri also has to her credit two books that have gained popularity. They are “The Gentle Birth Method” and the “Gentle First Year” which has been well received in many countries and mothers have been helped by reading her book and following the program she outlines.

Her clients include celebrities like, Elle Macpherson, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Moss, Stella McCartney, Charlene Spiteri, Lady Helen Taylor.


Referrals are through word of mouth by folks who have gone through this experience. She also trains other practitioners in this method.

Think you have read enough about her? There is more… She has registered in the UK, a charitable foundation called “NEW FACES” which funds and supports the charitable works of her sister Sarojini who is an orthodontist in Bangalore, who is married to none other than classmate Vijay Joseph, a plastic surgeon who works for our Alma Mater. Vijay and Sarojini do amazing work on socially and financially disadvantaged folks with facial disfigurements. To quote Gowri “Many charities focus on saving lives but I feel that if one is socially disadvantaged with a facial disfigurement then life itself could be so miserable. Hence I thought that “NEW FACES” should be set up to help provide a service that could restore confidence and self-esteem to a few individuals who are fortunate enough to find Vijay and Sarojini.”
If you are intrigued by what you read as I was and want to know more about her work please refer to her website.

Gowri feels what she does is work in progress and still has a lot to learn and is surprised by the attention her work gets in the media!

She is grateful that her method is a success and as a person of faith feels that God works in mysterious ways.

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