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The World According To Mike

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He's a crafty one that Mike, occasionally guileless, but he's older now. He's slipping. More often than not though he has the upper hand. What can you tell someone who bleaches your delicate peach-beige trousers a sickly white because "they full dirty man! "

You just smile and grind your teeth because you know he'll do it again" 'flot' iron Mike!" I have told him scores of times, only to find a neat, straight crease running right through the front of my jeans. " Maybe I can stand sideways for the rest of the month Mike, huh?" He just stuffs a pile of similarly pressed denims into my arms and demands his dues "need the dough man! " he said. Here are some other things he said.

You guys, you just not got freedom these days, when I was young, boys and girls mixed around freely in this campus, messed around more too - you know what I mean? There was one shorty Tibetan girl who would bring all sorts of boys up to her room. One time she got this Iranian fellow. He scared to go up when he saw me, she just clapped her hands and called out to him, "Hey don't worry about him, he's my friend!" Off he went! Girls today, very selfist, quiet... no, not like old days. That time there were booze parties in the common room for everyone. One big pot of chicken curry we'd make and everyone would eat good. But still, girls today look much better.

Well men, are you paying attention?

There used to be too much fun. Once the boys climbed up C block and stole all the bras and panties from pantry, then they string them up - big line from C to D block! The very next day was Republic Day! Oof, what a show, I say! Then came Brother Vincent AO - he does not like much fun. He shifted the girls block to the other side.Well,

so that's that. You'd think someone who's spent all his life with clothes would have an opinion about Johnite Fashion trends - and oh yes, he does.

Things more casual now. In the old days everyone would wear suit and tie for final exam; farewell dinner too. I used to go mad with all the washing and ironing! Oof!

he goes on.

Jeans not so much as some years back. Girls dress nicer these days.the photos, we got by sacrificing an ancient picture frame. He was pretty excited about the whole thing.'Oh that one's with Nicholas Pillai of first batch, his cousin and Jayalalitha.


Oh yes! very same Tamilnadu CM, she was there with me! They had programme in college. Nicholas, a Sri Lankan boy he and some friends arranged for her stay at Hotel Woodlands. It was a song programme. She was very young then thin too, not like now!

he puffs up hisface and flexes his arms.

Very nice.

and what of Mike the psychedelic hipster?

In those days, there was a bunch of Christ College students studying in D block. They were real hippies. All day long they'd sing songs and booze, they had a long pipe for smoking ganja. I also joined with them! I was young then. I was very close to them. They made me dress up in their hippy dress. I would take them around town, in my hippy clothes showing them Brigade Road, MG Road - "Oh look here, dear sir !"

he gestures at an imaginary Brigade Road shop and rolls up his eyes

We would go to the bar in Catholic Club, get full stone! Ah what fun!

He nods vigorously

well ?

those must have been some times!

There was this Malaysian girl friend of Dr. Zia bin Rabban [name changed, for my lack of interest in being detained in lohn's permanently and for Mike's sake as well ("He'll kill me man!")} One day I went to collect clothes from C block. And there she was standing, holding only bucket and mug, full 'knokid' ! She say "Shit", and runs inside bathroom. Afterward, Dr. Zia came to my room. " What did you see ?" he asked full serious, " Yes, I saw - what's wrong in that, its not my fault," I said, very scared. He grabbbed me laughingly and gave me a beer. What a joker.

we will now do the time warp and leave other tales unsaid. You don't think I'm stupid, do you?
Dara Amar

Well he was a quiet boy, always studying in his room, not mixing much.

Mary Ollapally - I did not see her much, she was a dayscholar

Ashley D'cruz and Norman Guido
- They used to call me for booze and smokes all the time! They was heavy drinkers and smokers! "Hey come on Mike, don't sit here like a donkey man, come with us!"

It was wild those days. Once we had hockey match - St. John's and St. Joseph's. There was a big fight Muthu Lawrence got mad and beat everyone bad with his hockey stick. The crowds came, the police came... they chased him - he ran for his life and fainted after running some bit. The boys took him to St. Martha's emergency room. They told they he had a heart attack. I came to see ( I was collecting clothes in Martha's, then I had license to go everywhere and see anything! ) There he was smoking fag and having tea with his friends - he laughed and told me in Tamil, "Da, I got so scared seeing the crowd, I closed my eyes and acted like sleepy!"

the dawn of the new millennium and lohnites can look forward to Dhobying Unlimited. Mike inc. is making plans.

With Corporation always threaten to close the Dhobi Ghat I want to make, small place here. I have told Father Joe, all I need is a stone, a tank and pipe connection. Then I can give you 24 hours service! Students can come any time of the day and night, clothes will be delivered in one day.

now where have I heard that before?

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