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The Constitution of the Alumni Association of


St.John’s Medical College, Bangalore-34


1.                  Name and Address

An Association of the Alumni of St.John’s Medical College, Bangalore has been formed and it is called


“ST.JOHN’S MEDICAL COLLEGE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION”. The office of this Association is


located at the premises of St. John’s Medical College, Sarjapur Road, Bangalore-560034.


2.                  Aims and objectives


a)     To develop, encourage and foster friendship and fellowship among the students, teachers, senior administrative staff, and management, past and present, of St.John’s Medical College, Bangalore.

b)    To preserve and stimulate in past and present students a lively and abiding affection for and interest in the Alma Mater and to keep them aware of the opportunities to contribute actively to her progress

c)     To promote the aims and ideals of the Institution as set out in its prospectus and other relevant literature

d)    To arrange and conduct scientific, professional, social and cultural programmes for the benefit of member

e)      To conduct and participate actively in public outreach project such as health Education, Rural Health Schemes, Mobile Hospital Services, Specialist Camps, Medical Exhibitions etc

f)     To collect, screen and edit articles for publication in St. John’s Medical College Journal of Medicine and to contribute articles to other scientific and popular periodicals for dissemination of knowledge and information to the general public.

g)    To assist meritorious and needy medical students by offering scholarship and financial grants.

h)    To assist doctors in rural service and those who plan to pursue higher studies and training.

i)     To participate actively in Continuing Medical Education Programmes.

j)     To collect funds for the benefit of the Association by way of donations, contributions, aids membership fees and subscriptions.

k)    To maintain active liaison with foreign and local chapters for mutual benefit, by way of academic and financial assistances.

l)     To do such other acts and things as are conducive or incidental to the attainment of these objectives.




a)     All medical students (Undergraduates & post graduates) graduating from St. John’s Medical College are entitled to become members of the Association.

Membership Fees

             i) All member  are required to pay a membership fees, the amount of which will

               be determined by the Executive Committee.

ii)    The membership fees is subject to revision at the discretion of the Executive     

                Committee from time to time.


*     At present the membership is Rs.500/- which may be paid in annual install-

        ments of Rs.100/-. This facility for payment by installment will be withdraw

         after end of the year 1993.

b)    Donor Member

i)  The Executive Committee shall be empowered to invite Alumni and Alumnae  

              to become Donor Member of the Association on payment of Rs.10,000/-.The

                   amount is subject to revision by the Executive Committee from time to time

           ii)    The names of such donor member shall be published in the Annual Bulletin

               of the Association.

           iii)    The names of such member shall be entered in a roll of honor displayed at                 

                the Alumni Office.

           iv)     Donor member shall receive the regular publication/bulletins of the Associa-

                     ion at no cost.

           v)      These member shall also be permanent invitees to all functions of the



c)        Patron member

i)        The Founder Dean, the Director of the Institution and the principal of the Medical College, shall be patrons of the Association. The executive Committee may invite the past Deans/Principal to be patrons of the Association.

ii)      The patrons shall assist and advice the Association and the Executive Committee in working towards the objectives of the Associations.

iii)    The patrons shall be permanent invitees to all functions of  the Association.

iv)    All proposed amendments to the constitution shall be communicated to the patron’s atleast 21 days in advance for their advice.


d)         Honorary Members

              i)        The Executive Committee with the approval of the General Body

                        Shall invite present member of the teaching and senior administer-

                        ative staff and management of the Institution becomes Hon.

                        Member of Association during their tenure of service at S.J.M.C& H.


ii)            The Executive Committee with the approval of the general Body

Shall also invite eminent past member of the teaching staff and distinguished member of the public to become honorary member of the Association. This honorary membership will be subject to renewal every three years by the General Body.


iii)          All such honorary membership may be conferred without payment

Of any fee. Such member may be invited to all function of the Association and will receive copies of the communications and publications of the association. However honorary members shall not have any voting rights, and cannot contest for election to posts in the Executive Committee.



e)                  Expulsion of Members

i)              Any member, who acts in a manner which is detrimental to the aims and objectives of the Association, may be expelled at a meeting of the General Body

ii)            Such a member shall be given a show cause notice and atleast 21 days to submit an explanation

iii)          This shall be reviewed by the Executive Committee and appropriate action recommended shall be placed before the general Body.

iv)          The member shall be expelled if such an action is approved by2/3 majority at the General Body meeting.