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The Passing Of Dr Oscar D'cruz Batch 1972-1973

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Dear all,

It is with great sorrow and sense of loss, I inform you about the sad demise of our classmate Oscar D'Cruz yesterday. 
For those of you who do not know, Oscar was practising as Consultant Psychiatrist at Kollam ( Quilon) since last two decades. He was suffering from Rheumatoid  Arthritis from many years. I am told that he developed some complications of the same and its treatment.He  had to be hospitalised there he developed a sudden and massive myocardial infarction.
I am trying to get hold of his son's phone number to convey our condolences.
I knew Oscar very well right from the D block days. He moved to A block later. Lovable among his friends, he had his individuality and lot of hostelites will have memories of their association with him. The last time I spoke to him was several years ago ,when I went to Trivandrum and JP put me through to him on the phone. He had then  suggested that we have a class get together in Bangalore. It is painful to think that if at all such a thing happens ,it will be without him.
Condolences Messages

Ranjan - This is such shocking news. I vividly remember Oscar from the days of initiation into St. Johns. 



 It is such shocking news.So sorry to hear this, never even knew he was sick. Feel like st johns was just yesterday. My deep condolences to his family.

Annamma (1974


It is sad that our contemporaries are no more and it still seems that we were in St. John's yesterday.My deep condolences to his family..Lygia D'sa



Dear Ranjan:

I am deeply saddened to read the shocking news about the passing of our dear friend, Oscar.  My deepest condolences to his family. It is difficult to understand life and the briskness of its passing. Life is like a whiff of mist.  Before consuming Hemlock, our old friend Socrates is stated to have said, “I go to die, you to live; which is better no one knows”.  I have very pleasant memories of Oscar. A genial guy, always well dressed, sometimes with a bow, and a bit of the Old Country….. Adios…


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