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Orbituary Of Dr Balasundaram in Deccan Herald

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Condolence Messages

How well I remember ANB!
The first Medical Unit to which I was posted, very green and more than slightly nervous, was MU-3 in St. Martha's Hospital, led by Dr. K. R. Balasubramaniam as the senior physician and Dr. ANB as his assistant. While KRB had a reputation for "no nonsense" medicine (common diseases first, essential treatment only, "Don't complicate things, boy!"), ANB was cast in a different mould. For him, medicine was not just an art or a science, it was an endless series of intricate puzzles that needed to be solved.
I often suspected a whiff of boredom in him, as if everyday medicine did not present the intellectual challenges that he craved. But drag him into a teaching session at the bedside and he could make even the most trivial symptom or finding come alive, bursting with possibilities. For any symptom or disease, he could conjure up endless differential diagnoses, which earned him the affectionate soubriquet of "Balasyndrome"!
May his soul rest in peace.Vijay Kumar 1970 batch

ANB taught me medicine, examined me in the Final MB and I was an intern on his firm. I almost became a physician until I saw the light! Enjoyed his analytic approach to a case and do well remember how he sniggered when I responded to his question during the final MB and told him that Fursoemide was called lasix because it lasted six hours!
May his soul rest in peace. Dileep 1982

Dr A. N. Balasundaram was close to me both as my teacher, but more so
as the father of my dearest and oldest friend, Sreekar.
On the 8th of November, the obituary appeared again, (this time, both
in the Times of India and Deccan Herald) the 13th day post his demise.
The wording of the "in memoriam" that appeared yesterday did however
sound more like a death announcement rather than a 13th day
announcement as it should have been titled.
Vinay Prabhu Batch of 91

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