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To Her With Love

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Titus Augustine

What words do you convey to someone who is turning twenty five years soon and especially if she is someone who you have grown up with in your most impressionable years, A foster parent who in your formative years sheltered you, gave moments of joy and laughter, taught you about the tragedy of disease, the miracle of curing, the capacity to care and finally you set forth on your life’s profession with her blessing. What do you tell her, write to her or feel for her.?


As you search for words you are transported back in time and memories rapidly crowd a period of time of acquaintance with this lady. The first encounter in your teens when she choose form a multitude you with fifty nine others. The initial  months of joy and sorrow, of camaraderie, of fun and frolic, gradually giving way to a deeper understanding of your calling. Fed on legends flowing in her veins, of brilliance in every field, be it academic, physical or intellectual you strove to contribute your mite. As you grew up she too grew.



You next remember the day the umbilical cord was cut and with a kick on your rump she sent you off into that bright blue yonder with these words” Go and practice what I have taught you so men may live because of you” With anxiety and apprehension, without her familiar comforting presence, you venture out like a foal its first shaky steps but finding that as you tumble along your steps become surer and firmer. With the experience of the years you learn to tread surely and steadfastly but with caution and calculation. Along with it comes the responsibility of your profession.

You decide to look her up as she is turning 25 to renew the bond to dwell on those old memories you turn the same old bend on the road (check post) and you gasp. She is fashionable ,she has a new dress(The Beautiful Verdant  campus).Her familiar majestic face smiles on you fondly(Robert Koch Bhavan).Her body(John McCormack Centre) seems to have put on some weight (Alfonsa ,Goretti and Gonsla Garcia blocks).She has a new hairstyle( The new C Block).She is more knowledgeable l(Zablocki Learning centre ) and has a new taste for food(new canteen) You catch her eye and you heave a sigh of relief—she remembers you..You engage her in conversation and realise like you have grown over the years she has too grown in her own way. She has a couple of grey hairs which she laughs off (old temporal lobe problems ) She is really busy these days (OPD,casualty wards etc).As you stroll along you meet personalities from the past people who have walked the same path as you have, but who have come back to be with her on her winding journey. She has sights set on lofty heights however winding or arduous the way may be.

It is time and you leave with a small prayer for her on her lips. May no challenge be unsurpassable for her may she succeed in her every Endeavour.

A vision appears your prayers answered. You see her at 50 a maiden in full bloom. You see the crystallization of her noble ideals in the multitude that flock to her for comfort and healing. And ministering to those multitudes you see faces from the past changed with time but still faces you know. Gradually a realization sets in that whatever you are, be in the greatest of cities in the centre of the most advanced technology or the remotest village, she will always be a part of you and you whisper silently “Johns I love you”

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