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A Personal Tribute To My Mentor Ashley D'Cruz

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Ashley D'CruzDr Ashley D'cruz built  the department of pediatric surgery in St Johns from scratch while also performing the Yeoman task of being the Medical Superintendent of the hospital. After he left Saint Johns he became Director of the Narayana Hrudayalaya Women and Children's Institute.

He presently is the President of the Indian Association of Paediatric Surgeons and is already proving to be one of its most active presidents. He spearheads the difficult task of securing insurance for children with congenital anomalies. Dr D'cruz had started the pediatric liver transplant program when he was in St John’s and now has  successfully completed thirty Paediatric Liver transplants in Narayana Hrudayalaya. This is probably the biggest liver transplant program in the country for children .He plays a pivotal role in this mode of treatment, long thought to be near impossible in India.


Dr Ashley was principal surgeon in the much publicized successful separation of conjoined twins, Peace and Patience and Laxmi the little child with multiple limbs. This received extensive international media coverage and was a success story for medical care in India. As Director of the NHWCI, he has been involved with the national insurance companies, where he is part of the think tank which is setting guidelines for uniform treatment costs in India. He is also very close to getting the women and children's hospital to be a stand alone hospital. Community and developmental pediatrics will be a major thrust area at the hospital, apart from our delivery of cutting edge in- hospital care.

His wife Devyani is his most ardent supporter and his sons, Amit and Roshan have done him proud. While Amit lives in Australia, Roshan follows in his father's footsteps and is pursuing medicine.

On a lighter note, in his own words, amongst his numerous achievements, he ranks ' Surviving St Johns' as the top of the list. He has motivated a large number of medical students and has mentored a few of us into the specialty. We remember him as one of the best teachers, both in the classroom and outside it. He continues to train young pediatric surgeons at Narayana Hrudayala. He is keen to get in touch with his classmates and friends from St Johns. His contact details are as follows.



Dr. Ashley L J D'Cruz MS MCh

President Indian Association of Pediatric Surgeons
Director & Sr. Consultant Pediatric Surgeon/Urologist
Narayana Hrudayalaya Woman and Child Institute
258/A Bommasandra Industrial Area
Anekal Taluk, Bangalore 560034


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