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Early Career Johnite Initiative (ECJI) - Page 2

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Early Career Johnite Initiative (ECJI)
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Academics (up-to 25 points)

Number of honors/distinction in pre-clinical years (1 point each up-to 6 points) (Anatomy; Physiology; Microbiology; Pathology; Biochemistry; Pharmacology)

Number of honors/distinction in clinical years: (1 point each up-to 5 points) (Surgery; Medicine; Obstetrics/Gynecology; Pediatrics; Community Medicine/Orthopedics/ ENT/Ophthal)

USMLE Scores: STEP1: 85-90: 1 point; 91-95: 2points; 96-99: 3 points; STEP 2 CK: 85-90: 1 point; 91-95: 2 points; 96-99: 3 points; STEP 2 CS Pass: 1

Research projects: 1-2: 1 point; >3: 2 points; Abstracts/publications (presented/published): 1 point for each, up-to 5 points

Extra-curricular aspects (up-to 25 points)

Interpersonal and communication skills: (up-to 10 points)

Professionalism/conduct & character (up-to 10 points)

Bonus points for extra-curricular activities and other accomplishments (up-to 5 points)

Final score out of 100 (total scorex2)

P.S. Although we have given only 3 points for USMLE scores >95, this is the most crucial part of application to residency programs that is within your control. Most university programs do not give out interview offers for those with scores <92-95, which means that you will be competing only with applicants who have excellent scores in a given program. So aim for 99/99 for steps, which will make things a lot easy for you and us! For those that do not manage to score high, please make sure that you apply early to as many community based programs as possible and try to improve your CV with outstanding letters of recommendation and electives/externships.

Savio John (1996 batch)



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Core Members
Shon Michael: Chair
Jonathan Menezes
Rajesh Zacharias
Ritika Coelho

Savio John
Brian Martis
Reejis Stephen
Kumar Belani
Peter Noronha
Raghavendra Baliga
Arun Shet
Binu Joy
Carol D'Souza
Amal Isaiah
Marian Kamath
Selwyn Baptist
Sachin D'Souza
Members of the Executive Committee