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Early Career Johnite Initiative (ECJI) - Page 7

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Early Career Johnite Initiative (ECJI)
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My study plan for Step 2 CK:

I started in October 2010 and gave the exam in Jan 2011. Like in Step 1, I started with Kaplan notes. I did not watch the videos. The material is less compared to Step 1 and can be covered fast.

Following this, I read ‘Step 2 Secrets’ by Adam Brochert. It’s a good book but I don’t think it was necessary. This book can be skipped. The main resource I used was USMLE World. This time I took a 2 month subscription + 1 self-assessment exam for 2 weeks ($145). I Proceeded as I did in Step 1. The evaluation I followed was also the same.


My study plan for Step 2 CS:

The key to this exam is practicing with a friend (preferably one who’s also preparing for the exam). First Aid is a very good book for CS. Follow First Aid well and practice. Bedside manners, knocking before entering the room, making eye contact, introducing yourself, draping, showing empathy are important, as is good communication with the patient and asking permission each time, while being pleasant and speaking confidently and slowly. All this is well highlighted in First Aid. USMLE World also has good cases to practice and clinical examination videos which can be helpful (1 month subscription is $50).

I hope this helps in giving you an idea of how to plan your preparation. If you have any doubts, you can contact me by email. All the best!






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