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Early Career Johnite Initiative (ECJI)

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Early Career Johnite Initiative (ECJI)
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Picture Courtesy Dr C Varun Batch 1999

 Welcome to the Early Career Johnite Initiative (ECJI) of the SJMCAANA chapter. It gives us immense pleasure and gratification to establish an official platform to streamline the process through which our juniors can obtain appropriate guidance and assistance from the alumni in their quest for a residency/post doctoral training in the US. We hope that this process would eventually be self-sustaining and self-perpetuating, as the juniors who receive our assistance take up the eventual leadership of this initiative to keep this noble mission going. We would like to thank the SJMCAANA leadership, both present and past, as well as the various alumni who provided us the support and encouragement to make this vision come true.

As you are aware, the quest for a residency in the U.S. is a long and arduous one, tinged with uncertainty at every step. With increasing levels of competition from the best and brightest from all over the world, this quest is simply getting tougher. Applicants today try to gain an edge by doing externships, observerships and/or research fellowships prior to applying for the Match. This gives them opportunities for networking and helps them get good letters of recommendation, which can help tip the balance in their favor. Each year there are quite a few of our fellow Johnites who aspire to come to the USA for their residency training. Often we see desperate e-mails and cries for help to the group, which at times go unanswered. We represent St. John's on this side of the globe and it is the work that we do and the commitment we make that ultimately puts our institution on the world map. We could use that recognition to help those that come after us, which would eventually help to strengthen our association. We have a formidable network of alumni who can help these junior Johnites, but we need to get organized in order to be able to allow them to access our network efficiently.

Towards this goal, we wish to create a database of the NA alumni (ECJI Angels) who would be able to help their juniors in their residency and early career aspects. This database would consist of information about whether the alumnus would be able to assist a junior in securing an externship/ observership/ research fellowship/ residency interview, or provide advice/suggestions/constructive criticisms to the applicants. To prevent the misuse of the information, this database will be kept confidential. This information will be released to junior Johnites only based on need and with the permission of the respective alumnus. To allow us to create this database, we request you to fill up the questionnaire that follows this letter. We have already gathered information on approximately 50 out of the 350 alumni here in the US at the 2010 Annapolis reunion. We request the other alumni who would like to be part of this noble mission to fill this short 4 field ECJI Form

We have also developed a preliminary scoring system to evaluate residency applicants based on their academic accomplishments, extra-curricular activities, integrity, communication skills and inter-personal relation skills. This is created along the lines of a residency interview scoring system that is used to rank candidates appearing for residency interviews in a US training program. This scoring system could serve as a self evaluation tool for our junior Johnites while they make preparations for residency training in the US. This may also be used in the future to identify the most deserving early career Johnites and provide them with scholarships and other such financial assistance, as and when we have funds available for that.
We are confident that if we are able to implement what we propose to do, the creativity of the younger Johnites and the experience of the senior alumni can be put to use in a harmonious way to strengthen our association and  Alma Mater. Isaac Newton has once said: "If I have seen further than others, it is by standing on the shoulder of giants." If Isaac Newton had to stand on the shoulder of giants to see beyond what others did, how much more assistance would our juniors require in their early career days in this subcontinent!

Savio John                         
1996 Batch
Shon G Michael
2002 Batch
P.S. We request our juniors to contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , if you have questions that are not answered in this site.


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Core Members
Shon Michael: Chair
Jonathan Menezes
Rajesh Zacharias
Ritika Coelho

Savio John
Brian Martis
Reejis Stephen
Kumar Belani
Peter Noronha
Raghavendra Baliga
Arun Shet
Binu Joy
Carol D'Souza
Amal Isaiah
Marian Kamath
Selwyn Baptist
Sachin D'Souza
Members of the Executive Committee