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The Passing away of Dr Ephrem Thoppil

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Hi Fellow johnites,
I am very sad to inform you all that Dr. Ephrem Thoppil M.D. passed away at 4 pm today !/31/12). Many of you know that he had a massive head injury  six yrs ago and  was in minimally resposive state. Few days ago ,he developed septicemia and a rebleed and passed away this evening in the presence his beloved wife of 40 yrs, Thresiamma, two daughters Cynthia and Anu ,his son inlaw Jay and friends.
Ephrem belonged to the second batch. He came to U.S.A about 39 yrs ago. When he retired  6yrs ago, he was the Medical Director of Rehabilitation services at St.Lukes Hospital in Milwaukee and faculty at the Medical College of Milwaukee.
Ephrem was the most organized and methodical person I have ever known.We were friends from under graduate . In 50 yrs , I have never seen him losing his temper . Always pleasant,calm and relaxed. He was the ultimate johnote;lived breathed St.Johns. On his own initiatve , he started Friends of St. Johns . At his own expense  he hired an attorney and did all the work to get a 501 (C) status with IRS. As an example his organizational Skills, after his injury I went to see him in the hospital and afterwards his wife ,daughters and I went to his house.  In his office were two sealed envelopes;one had his wife's name the other George Varghese C/O Friends of St. Johns. All necessary files were in that. He was financial genious , excellent clinitian and teacher. We all johnites owe a lot to him.
Wake and Visitation
Sunday Feb. 5th 2.00pm
Becker Ritter Funeral Homes
14075 w.North Avenue
Brookefield WI 53045

Funeral Mass
Monday Feb. 6th at 6.30 pm
 St.Dominic Church 8255 W. Capitol Drive
Brookefield  WI 53045

In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to Brain Injury Association of Wisconsin, 21100 W. Capitol Dr, Suite,Pewaukee  ,WI 53072
George Varghese

Condolences Messages

It is sad to hear about the passing away of Ephrem Thoppil - a huge loss for the Johnite community . Never had the opportunity to meet him but sure he will be missed by all
He must have had a great impact on the people around him
My condolences to his family and dear ones  Ranga Nayak


2 This is indeed sad news but may be a blessing in disguise. Nevertheless a loss we truly will all feel. Ephrem was a leader and visionary and totally selfless in all he did. He stayed in the background but his presence was always felt. He always had a kind, gentle word and very good advice in handling any situation in the best interest of all. He was always totally dedicated to St. Johns. Our sincere condolences to the family. May god give them the strength to get through this difficult time. Our prayers are with them. God Bless. Peter Dsa 
3  Dear George and Annita
Convey my condolences,love and prayers to Therisema and Ephrem's children.
Ma his soul rest in peace. He carried so many of us Johnites with mentorship,encourgement,support and of course as a role model.
My heart goes out to Therisima. So devoted,loving and who never gave up. May she and the family find strength 
With all our prayers Jovita
4 The passing on Dr. Thoppil is very sad. He worked tirelessly for St. Johns. My heartfelt condolences to his family Borys Mascarenhas
Sincere condolences to the family. Ephrem will be missed. Dileep Lobo  
6 A huge loss to North American Johnites and SJMC. Ephrem had been associated with Johnite family since its 6. He was there at every meeting and planning. Worked selflessly for benefits of SJMC. Our sincere condolences to his family. God bless him and family. Chou  
7 In the years before there were chapters and office-bearers and godfathers (and when the Alumni Association was a jolly bunch of back-slapping friends each asking the other to "pleaaaase stand for President"), Ephrem was a a rare soul that b...rought tons of goodwill every time he came to St. John's, standing outside the Dean's office and greeting every passing student or alumnus staff with "Hi! I am Ephrem. Which batch are you?"
ndeed, he was the moving spirit (along with the likes of Willie Gomes and Marian Kamath) behind the NA Chapter's engagement with the College on a continual basis, expanding the reach of the Alumini Association and creating opportunities for several of them to find careers in the U.S.
Those who knew him personally are sure to miss him even more....
Ephrem, good soul, may you have eternal peace..
Mohan Adayam
8 I learnt of Ephrem's passing away with sadness. Ephrem and I are batchmates and friends. Although he has been in the US for almost 40 years we have managed to keep in touch with mutual visits when he passed through Bangalore or I went to the US. I do not need to dwell on his work on Friends of St. John's. It was his idea and he worked selflessly to see it up and running. he would have been happy to know that George is doing such a good job with it. i will miss him especially at the GJ. I must confess i also feel that Ephrem has received blessed release from the suffering he has had over the last so many years.
My condolences to Teresa and the family
Prem Pais MD
Dean & Professor of Medicine
St. John's Medical College
Bangalore 560034, India
9 Prayers ....Sharmista Bishwas 

10 Our deepest condolences to Ephrem's family. The Johnite community will miss him but he will never be forgotten.  Lalu Anthony

11 May his soul RIP. My condolences to his wife and family. Audrey Pereria

12 Condolences to his family. Whilst I did not know him personally, he appears to have been a key figure with the NA Chapter. May his soul rest in peace. Irwin Lasrado 

13 On behalf of the members of the Executive Committees of the Alumni Association (past and present) in Bangalore, my sincere condolences to the family of Dr. Ephrem Thoppil. Personally, I do not recollect having ever met the great man but his love for St. John's and his commitment to the institution's objectives are legendary. I recollect the general sense of gloom when Dr. Mary Ollapally coveyed to a few of us the news of the accident. Only later, during my interactions with Dr. George Varghese, did I realise the magnanimity of the great soul.May his soul rest in peace and may God bless his near and dear ones. Bobby Joseph

 14 My family’s sincere condolences to Ephrem’s Family!As one of the more recent johnites to start a career in the United States, he has encouraged me and many in my generation to be successful in this country.He encouraged me and many of the johnites from our years ( late1980's and early 90's) to take an active role in Alumni activities and to give back to our Alma mater and connect with each other. He was so gentle and kind and showed  all that humility despite all his achievements! All his dedication and time he contributed for the “Friends of St.John’s” and North American Chapter brought us a long way to where we are today. Ephrem, We will miss you!  Binu Philip, MD ( Batch of 1986) Staff Radiologist, Tricity Radiology,  Cadence Health, Geneva, IL 60134

15 My heartfelt Sympathies to Theresa and the family. St Johns has lost a star , but his legacy will live on as we continue to forge his dreams and ideas. Ephrem laid the foundation for Friends of St Johns. He cared for it and nurtured it to make it grow into an effective vehicle. A vehicle to connect with our Alma Mater  and think of her , even from these distant shores. Young Johnites today and the future generations to come will stay connected because of Ephrem's efforts - he so readily gave of his time ,talent and resources.I had the opportunity to work with him closely over the years and have known him to be a caring ,compassionate physician and friend. He eagerly looked forward to attending each and every Alumni Reunion , encouraging every Johnite to think beyond self and to give back to St Johns to the best of their ability. Ephrem has been my source of inspiration and will always be !! Marian Kamath

16 I did not know Dr Ephrem Thoppil personally, have read about him on the Johnite website. I feel for the vacuum created by a dear ones loss which could be filled with fond memories and love for a wonderful person as he was.
may God give the family strength and peace of mind
may his soul rest in eternal peace Sincere condolences
Divya Sebastian and Niraj James Shah (SJMC 1998)

17  "St. Johns above self" was his life and passion. A good man with a generous heart. Ephrem and his friends conceived of Friends of St Johns and he tended it dearly to his last hour. Thank you. My condolences  Rajiv M. Joseph,  MD

18  Terribly saddended to hear the news. On a personal note, I remember the care and affection extended to us by Ephrem Thoppil and his family on our arrival in Milwaukee, which made us feel at home even when dealing with a demanding residency ...and the long wisconsin winters. The care, affection, and support extended to us by Ephrem and his wife Thresiamma during the birth of our daughter and afterwards, made us feel our parents were always near by. His love for St.John's was evident in the sparkle of his eyes, when ever St.John's became the topic of our conversations and the work he has done over the years on behalf of Friends of St.John's. Rest in Peace, Dr.Thoppil. Anthony Tharian

19  Ephrem was truly the epitome Johnite. He lived the true spirit of the college. Iloved his quiet wisdom and no drama approach. His wife and daugters Cynthia and Anu have remained devoted while he took care of the Johnite family and after his... injury. My heart goes out to them. Ephrem,I feel we will never loose you. Your spirit remains at every Johnite meet and when we sponsor and continue your work for the FOSJ's. I will keep his sweet smile and twinkle in my heart  Jovita

20 Condolences to Dr Ephrem's family in this dark hour! May his soul rest in peace! Anu Susan Varghese

21 Condolences to Dr Ephrem's family;May his soul RIP.Joseph Monterio 

22 RIP....Heard lots about him and his love for St. John's! Sanjiv lewin

23 I have not known Dr. Ephrem Thoppil personally.But just reading about him and his initiative and efforts in keeping Johnites together as a family has been very inspiring.
Please do convey my heartfelt condolences to the near and dear ones in the family.
Meera,Batch of 1996

24 I too do not know him.May his soul rest in peace and may GOd give them courage and fortitude to bear this loss to his dear and near ones.It appears that he channeled all his energies to the uplifting of his Alma mater and north American chapter of St Joghns.My prayers and thoughts go out to the bereaved family.Derrick Dsouza

25  Saddened by this news - may his soul R.I.P. Amal Isaiah
26  RIP Dr Thoppil ...Anil Kumar

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