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Back in the days When Dominic Misquith was President of the AA

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B'lore Get-together Report

It was a great evening of togetherness with more than 225 alumni joining to make the evening a huge success. People started trickling in by 8.00 pm and the bulk of the crowd came in by 9.00 pm. There were quite a few alumni who had especially came in for this occasion. We also had staff who had been invited, attending the evening of which Dr. & Mrs. Sharma (Physiology), Dr. Chandrasekhar (Paediatrics) and Dr. Om Prakash (Pulmonogist) came with Dr. Anand (Biochemistry). These teachers of ours who had taught many a batch really brightened up the evening. We are very grateful to them for having spared their valuable time to be with us. I am sure that all present appreciated meeting them after many a year and I do hope that the teachers were happy to see what had become of their students. The evening started by Dr Dominic Misquith the President of the alumni association welcoming the gathering and thanking all who had come far and near in making it for the Get-together 2003. This was followed by Fr. Thomas Kalam wishing the best to all the Alumni.

Fr Thomas Kalam, Fr. Sebastian M.A, Fr. Joe Castellino, Fr. Patrick Rodrigues and Fr.Archibald Corea were there that evening and were very happy seeing the unity and the spirit of the Johnites. They spent a lot of time with the students sharing with them their experiences in St. Johns and hearing about the times of long ago. This year a lot of interns and students made it for the get-together to see the alumni’s of St. Johns and learn from their experiences. Few of them conveyed that the get-together was really fruitful and effective.

Six lady students from the class of 1997 gave a dance performance and this really brightened the evening - this was the appetizer for the evening. The St. Johns band then entertained the crowd for almost an hour with some great songs - while all the alumni mingled with each other. Many had returned to India after decades-this brought back lot of nostalgic memories. By popular demand Dr. Maya Mascarenhas (class of 1980) came on to the stage and joined the Johnite band for a few songs, bringing back memory of the good old times. There were lots of prizes to be won- beautiful Titan watches, Gift hampers and lots of dinner vouchers from the various prestigious hotels in town. We had the biggest group of people coming from the batch of 1974 - 14 of them as against 11 from 1971 batch (which is always the class with the maximum attendance). Cheers to the class of 71. There was also Deepak, Mark, Leo Theobald, Shourie and Alfred Woodward (from ’74) and Bryan and Joe Rodrigues (from ’71) from out of Bangalore along with the rest of their classmates. Dr Reji was the MC for the evening. This year the get-together was sponsored by Johnson & Johnson, The Prestige Group, Coco-cola and various hotels in town and it is our pleasure to thank all our sponsors who contributed generously to this charity event.

For the first time there were two counters for food, with one dedicated to the vegetarian only (I trust this found favour with the vegetarians). The food on the non-vegetarian section was also very good and the snacks, which were available, sold like hot cakes.

We must thank the members of executive committee who took great pain to put this event together and special thanks to the young entrants Dr. Panchu Xavier and Dr. Raheel Shariff.

The Alumni Association has slated the Silver Jubilee celebrations for the classes of 77,78,79 for the 30th, 31st of July and 1st of August 2004. We hope that not only will there be full attendance from the above said batches, but also from other batches as we will be putting up a much bigger show for the year 2004 (that will be our annual get-together for the year). We would like the students from these batches to send in their confirmation so that we can work out the logistics and you can make your programme for the occasion from now itself.

List of Alumni’s, staff and interns who came for the Get-together 2003

1963: Mary Olapally, Sr Lillian, N.D John Vincent 1964: Prem Pias
1965: Ravi Narayan
1966: Dara Amar, Norman Guido
1968: M.J.Thomas
1969: Bosco Balaraj, Charles Kujur, Elizebeth Vallikad
1970: Ashley D'cruz, Lakshman
1971: Ajoy Krishnamurthy, Arvind Rao and Kamini, Bryan M Pereira, C.S. Rajan, Joe Rodrigues, Kishore Murthy, M.S.Kumar, Rustam Tehrani, Shirdi Prasad, T.A Srikanth
1972: Ajith Bhide, Iniz Rasquinha, Rosemary Krishnamurthy, Srikrishna
1973: Rose Marie
1974: Alfred Woodward, Chandra Moule, Deepak Edward, Gopal Krishna, Keith D’Souza, Leo Theobald Menezes, Mark D’Souza, Naresh Bhat and Swarna Rekha, Ranga Nayak, Saji M.J, Shoba Guido, Souri Reddy
1975: Dominic Misquith, George D'souza, Mathew Varghese, Maya Jacob, Vijay Joseph
1976: Latha John, Meenakshi, Ravi Prakash 1977: Anura Kurpad, Edwin Dias, L.N.Mohan
1978: Kenneth D’Cruz
1979: Andrew Vasnaik, Navin Machado
1980: Aldo Joseph, Babu Rao, Mabel Vasnaik, Maya Mascarenhas, Reji Thomas
1981: Anil Britto, Joseph Xavier, Rajan Bala, Sanjiv Lewin, Sylvan Rego, Vishwanath Bhat
1982: Annamma Thomas, John Stephen, Jyoti Idiculla, Ophelia D’Souza, Suneeta N, Theophilus Joachim
1983: Mary Joseph
1984: Binu Jose, Bobby Joseph, Brian Martis, Lorance Peter, Sunita Simon, Smity George, Suganthi Nirmala
1989: Anton Isaac, Bushan J.V, Henry Prakash
1990: Edwin James, Francis Sandesh, Lesile Ravikumar
1991: Deepak Joseph
1992: Alben Sigamani, Betty Alben, Kanstav
1993: Arindam Dastidar, Ashwin M.C and Ringhoo Theresa, Sr. Margaret, Meryl Antony
1994: Anoop Thomas, Priya Pais
1996: Jeevan J Crasta, Kiran Joseph

Staff: Sandhya (Physiology), Usha Kini (Pathology), Arvind Kasthuri, Sumitha Charles and Chitra Solomon, Ramamkrishna (Community Health), Preetha Tilak (Genetics), Chanda Kulkarni (Pharmacology), Veronica Preetha (Anatomy)

Interns – B. Praveen, Cecil Joseph, Panchu Xavier, Raheel Shariff, Sachin Lawrence, Charles J Miranda, Jeevan Crasta, Payal, Lesile, Teresa Mathew
1999 – Abi Narayan, Andrew Gregory, Arigit Chanda, Arogyanadhundu Dovari, Deepu Alex, Lawrence Kindo, Shalini Chacko, Preeti Jacob, Vinay Bhat
2000 – Roheet Rao
2001- Amol Rebello, Amith Sebastian, Anjali Devassy, Christopher L, Cyriac Abby Philips, Dale Davis Sebastian, Debadatta Hajari, Jiten Chhabra, Joe Francis, Jonathan Bernard, Lalit Deenabandhu, Padmashree, Priya Babu, Ritika Marisse, Somu Victor, Sylvester Rodrigues, Vinay Kumar Singh

If we have missed any names we apologize.

Dominic Misquith (Batch of 1975) President
Meenakshi Ramoo Bharath (Batch of 1976) Vice-President
Reji Koshy Thomas (Batch of 1980) Secretary
SJMC Alumni Association, Bangalore


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