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Dr. Noel Rasquinha passes away

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Dr. Noel Rasquinha (47), former Karnataka State junior and senior National hockey player, passed away on Wednesday morning after a brief illness. He was a Johnite from batch 1983

A noted midfielder during his playing days, Rasquinha was in the reckoning for the National colours, but due to his medical profession, he could not seriously pursue his hockey career. He was the son of Molly Rasquinha and late Henry Rasquinha

Funeral Mass at 11.30AM at Ascension Church Da costa layout  February 9th 2012

Burial at Kallpaly Cemetry Bangalore

Condolences Messages

Dear Johnites and especially Batch 1983......just heard that our dear Noel Rasquinha expired early this morning....R.I.P......brillian t hockey player and a gem of a person .....was ill for some time.....condolences to his mother and family. Sanjiv Lewin

Gerard D'mello Thanks for the info....May he Rest in Peace...

Victor Fernandes RIP

Dileep Lobo Sanjiv please convey my condolences to Noel's family. Are there any contact details available? Noel "Condorman" Rasquina was a great guy.

Rajesh Alajangi RIP.

Maya Mascarenhas May his soul rest in peace- remember him so well - especially as a super hockey player

Chinna Reddy Condolences to the family and may he rest in peace. Brilliant hockey player who taught a lot of us how to play

Nagaraj Dupakuntla Condolences

Mohan Adhyam Heartfelt condolences to the family, and eternal peace to Noel.

Dhiraj Kuldeep Tirkey RIP

Jyothy Puthumana Sanjiv, thanks for letting us know.He was a magician with the hockey stick in our eyes - truly awe inspiring .Condolences for the master !

Borys Mascarenhas Very Very Sad news. Gem of a guy. He was nicknamed Condorman because of his Broad shoulders! Used to call him Goran after the Tarzan comics. He was always grateful that my Dad had a big role to play in his getting into Johns. Besides being an outstanding hockey player he was a GEM of a guy. I knew him when he played hockey for our rivals St. Germains school. He was pretty ordinary then but evolved in a few years into an extraordinary player who could easily have played at the senior level for the country if he desired. Personally, he was the kindest, most generous and easygoing guy around. I was sad to learn that he was afflicted with depression that is a familial trait, sadly not of his own doing! RIP Condorman, you will be sorely missed!

Joseph Monteiro RIP Noel Rasquinha.Tragic end to a great hockey genius.

Tuscano RIP

Anil Britto Prayers & condolences to his family.Spent alot of time with Condo during which I greatly admired him a as GOOD soul, great passion & skill on the hockey fiield & his most admirable quality was his HUMILITY.Condo,you have inspired so many during your brief stay.

Bobby Joseph Really sad news! Pity too that most of us had no clue as to his whereabouts in recent years. He was the one man who drew folks to the hockey field - some to play alongside, others to watch in awe. Coincidence that this should come in the week when the Isaac Abraham Hockey Tournament is in progress. May his sould rest in peace.

Thabit Ahmed RIP


Vincent Arockiasamy RIP Noel.

Savio Pereira RIP.

Anil Abraham Wonderful to hear the things people remember about him. The good human being part, kind and gnerous and the tremendous hockey talent will stay with the Johnite family. RIP

Alfred Augustine RIP Condorman . 

Meenakshi Ramoo Bharath Sorry to hear about Noel Rasquinha. It is sad that he died so young.Yes we need to see what we can do for his wife and kids? Those of you in touch with them please do inform us -as to what we can do. Sanjiv do tell us, where is the family based?
Michael Reay RIP Condo
Raly Job What a sad loss. I remember the Germains hockey coach saying that he considered "condor" better than Jude Felix
Panchu Francis Xavier Rest in Peace. Hope God gives the family the strength and courage to deal with this difficult period.
John Marianand Francis Very sad news. He was the one who first got me to play hockey in John's. A true Germinite and Johnite. RIP.
Jose Thomas may god give him peace
Irwin Lasrado  Was gutted to read this - thanks Dileep Lobo for informing me. I can still remember his smiling face, his cheeky smile, his coaching - of all of us "non-hockey" players at SJMC and being very very patient with us. Such a genuinely nice guy the pitch too. Will never forget one match at JIPMER (v MMC) - how well he coped with being constantly fouled - "don't stoop to their level but let your game do the talking" is what he said. He was the one who named me "Katpadi King" after yet another trip to CMC resulted with me being late for the evening game. Condorman - rest in peace, mate. I salute you Sir, for all that you did for so many of us at SJMC, both on and off the field. It was a real privilege and an honour to play in the same team as you. My sincere condolences to his family.
John Fernandes Sorry to hear this news. Condolences to his Family and Loved ones
Victor Babu Gem of a person. He was my friend and a colleague in UG and PG days. He had that unique unmatched talent of scoring goals on and off the hockey court. It is hard to believe that our 'Condorman' is no more.
My condolences to his family. May he rest in peace. Bats

Jerome Irai Ezhil Bosco We've heard a lot about him. Wish we knew him personally!! RIP

Brian Martis  Dear friends
I wanted to share with you all that I spoke with Aunty Molly (Noel's mum) and conveyed our sorrow, respect and support. I requested my dad who will be at the funeral this morning to ask aunty and the family if/how we could be ...of help. I know many Johnites will be there as well and would appreciate if one of you in Bangalore could kindly help coordinate our suggested efforts to celebrate and honor Noel’s life and memory.
Noel was brilliant, genuinely humble and a generous, kind and fun loving person. He was my senior, hockey mentor, D Block first floor neighbor and cousin. In learning about his untimely death I feel deep sorrow but also considerable anger at life’s unfairness. On the other hand, I hope Noel’s brief life inspires me to be more grateful, generous and humble. I also feel grateful to be part of this Johnite family.

Richard Dias Was really sorry to hear about Condor. My condolences to his mother and family.

 Derick D'souza (batch of 1982) Dear Johnites,
 sad to hear the demise of our Dr Noel Rasquinha.He was really gifted and one of the best hockey players I have seen.He was very simple,kind and down- to-earth fellow.He was my junior colleague when he was doing post graduation in St Johns.As Trevor pointed out he would have represented Indian Hockey had he not chosen medicine.May his soul rest in peace.I extend my heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family.I pray that God give enough courage and fortitude to bear this loss especially his family members and friends.Words fails to express his wizardness and magic as a forward with a hockey stick in his hand.
With heartfelt condolences, May his soul rest in peace. My heartfelt condolences to Noel's family.
Vara  He was fun to be around and undoubtedly a great hockey player. We were all proud to have him in our batch Sad news indeed.   RIP Joy

Trevor '78. Hi Irwin and the rest of the alumni,
sad news indeed. A genuine person and truly a great hockey player who
could have played for India had he not chosen medicine as a career.
My condolences to his family.


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