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Alumni get together in Chicago 2003

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Dr. Peter Noronha organized a great lunch at an Oakbrook Italian Restaurant on Sunday 19th Oct. A number of alumni from Chicago and around attended this meeting along with Reji and Annamma from Bangalore. Johnites from the first batch onwards (Dr.Noel Rao) to more recent , like Ranjan M. were present.

It was an afternoon of nostalgic memories and of course as expected the discussions about the supreme court judgement were lively. The lunch was simply sumptuous with beverages and tons of exotic food.

Following lunch, a very informal meeting was held outside and the new alumni directory was distributed at this time and much appreciated. Many of the Alumni including Dr. Thoppil who handles the finances of the "Friends of St.Johns", felt that they would like to support specific projects or needs at St.Johns. For a start it was felt that an attempt will be made to fund certain basic equipment in Ophthalmology as requested by Reji and who is training in the US in Chicago.

Dr.Thoppil requested to know the costs and list of the equipment required. He said a small amount could be made available through the funds of the Friends of St.Johns and that a request should be made through K.X. Antony in the St. Johns alert requesting for further contributions for this specific project. Dr. Ivan Chau set the ball rolling immediately by contributing $1000, followed by Dr. Deepak saying he would donate his personal Indirect Ophthalmoscope and a lens. Dr Thoppil suggested that Alumni send their contributions to the Friends of St. Johns for this purpose as soon as possible to make this project possible.

The basic needs in Ophthalmology dept. included 2gonio lenses, 2 -78D lenses, an Indirect ophthalmoscope and a teaching stereoscopic slitlamp with applanation tonometer .The total cost of this would be around $12,000.

The alumni wanted the St.Johns alert to be a more regular feature and felt that the Alumni Assoc at Bangalore should take a greater responsibility to organise this . Reji agreed to reorganise this on his return.

On the whole it was an afternoon to remember !!!

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