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The Australian Chapter

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Many wonderful things have occurred since the Golden Jubilee. One such happening is the formation of the Australian Chapter of the Saint John Alumni Association.Dr Vasanth Rao from batch 1982 an anesthesiologist from Adelaide went back home empowered and began working on this Project.
This idea had been on his mind since 2006 and he had organized some mini reunions in Adelaide only with Johnites around the area.He read about the Orlando reunion organized by Raghaven in 2008 and said why not have the same thing with the Johnite alumni from Australia.
The response over the years to move forward with this project had been tepid but the break came after he met a few Johnites at the Golden Jubilee.
He went back home filled with nostalgia and  gusto ,got all the emails together and started this chapter  Along the way he give thanks to Mario Soares and Christopher Spry,Sophie Leong who encouraged him in this endeavor.He also credits his friend Irwin ( dog) and Carol with their  constant  communication as being a source of inspiration to him.
Presently  Mario Dcruz is doing  a splendid job with organizing the emails,inviting folks and getting this chapter off the ground.They plan to meet for the first time as chapter sometime in February after their summer vacation.When the venue and date is set he hopes to invite Johnite's from the homeland and every where else to attend.He thanks Sachin for giving him a place on his website to post his chapter news.He is hoping by posting this note anyone who knows of  any Johnite's in NewZealand  will contact him as  would also like to invite them to be in this chapter.Their google group email address is This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
Long live the Johnite spirit!!!

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