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Thanks to first responders and Dr John Fernandes a man attending Christmas eve mass is alive today

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LIVINGSTON, NJ — Three shocks of a defibrillator made the difference between life and death for 67-year-old Brendan Devlin when he collapsed during Christmas Eve Mass at Saint Philomena Church in Livingston.

Off-duty Police Officer Kevin Mullaney and off-duty Livingston Firefighter John Durish rushed to Devlin’s aid as Reverend Monsignor Robert J. Fuhrman called 911. At about 8:50 p.m., Mullaney and Durish began giving CPR to Devlin, who reportedly had no pulse and was unconscious, until the church’s defibrillator was retrieved.

Pastor Fuhrman said that many others rushed to Devlin’s aid, including a cardiologist  Dr John Fernandes who was on site at the time. According to Pastor Fuhrman, Devlin regained consciousness after three shocks, was breathing, and acknowledged that he was all right by nodding his head “yes.”

“I was very touched and impressed by the number of people who took action,” said Pastor Fuhrman. “By the time I hung up the phone from calling 911, they were deep into CPR already. The defibrillator that we keep in the church was used very effectively and that’s what brought him back to life.”

According to police, Livingston First Aid Squad arrived to assist at the scene and transported Devlin to Saint Barnabas Medical Center with paramedics on board. Devlin, who was volunteering to distribute Holy Communion on Christmas Eve, was in stable condition later on that night, but has since been released and is doing well, according to Pastor Fuhrman.

“He woke up, was able to speak and was breathing on his own and that was a great relief not only to me, but to everybody,” said Pastor Fuhrman. “This experience was very upsetting to many in the parish and in the church at the time.”

Durish said later that this was the first time he had ever administered CPR with a successful outcome and was grateful that the man responded.


Drs Sunita and Brian Pereria involved with Intiative to brief three members of the US Congress about India

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In the picture Congresswoman  from Hawaii Tulsi Gabbard third from the left,Congressman Joe Kennedy iii, next to Sunita and Brian Pereria is congresswoman Katherine Clark from Massachusetts

This is an initiative by the Boston academic leadership from Harvard University, Harvard Business School, Tufts Fletcher School of Diplomacy, MIT and University of Massachusetts to brief US Congressional leaders on India.

The goal is to ensure that they are well informed so that if/when a crisis arises, they have the benefit of a clear day understanding.

Drs Sunita and Brian Pereria have been doing this regularly at our home for 3 hour sessions and this picture was at one of those events.

to read more about it you can click on the link below

Dr Ranjan Pejaver and team receives the CNN-IBN Award for best innovation for 2015 for their program

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Immunize India Program.

Immunize india is a SMS based vaccination reminder service program created by Immunize India Charities.

Available nationally, any parent can register their child by sending an SMS with the child's pet name and date of birth to 566778 from their mobile phone. For example: “Immunize Piya 20-08-2013”. The phone will then get free of cost vaccination reminders for 12 years, whenever Piya is due for a shot. Three reminders, two before the due date in that week and one after the due date. It is across all mobiles phones anywhere in India.

This program was conceived and built by group of three persons led by a Professor of Pediatrics fromBangalore, Dr Ranjan Kumar Pejaver, inspired by the predicament of a working housewife distressed by forgetting vaccinating her child. The other two founding members are Mrs Janai Bharat and Mr Gopalakrishna.

IAP-Indian academy of Pediatrics in India ( with more than 20000 pediatricians as members)has endorsed the program and supporting its dissemination in India.

IAP-Immunizeindia is a non-profit, free service, supported by grants and donations from individuals, institutions and corporations.

Reason for the service
India has a birth rate of 27 million per year.
Over 1.5 Million children under the age of 5 die every year in India* and another 1 Million or more are disabled for life. Many of these deaths and disabilities are due to diseases which are vaccine preventable.


Just 65% children between 12–23 months of age received all recommended vaccines on time  (2013). A 13% dropout  from BCG ( given at birth)to Measles vaccine( given at 9 months,)

Delayed vaccination is as dangerous as missed vaccination.

A  major cause is that parents often forget to vaccinate the child on time, as most parents in India do not maintain a vaccination calendar for their child in a disciplined manner. Other reasons are-

- parents' misplaced priorities
- low awareness
- busy lifestyles 
- forgetfulness
- social and cultural causes

Vaccination reminder services in several countries have been effective in increasing compliance by 20%. There are over 40 published scientific studies that prove the effectiveness of vaccination reminders.

India has nearly a billion mobile phones which support Text Message Service or SMS (every family has a phone). A well promoted, national, Text Message reminder service is  the  most cost effective method of  reminding parents that a vaccination is due.

Response  is   amazing……

As of  31st December  2015, there have been nearly 895000 registrations

The notable features are:

-it is free.

-makes use of the mobile revolution in india. India has nearly a billion mobile phone connections.

-it is simple. Easily understandable. Can be scled up in different languages.

Messages do not specify any doctors name or brand of the vaccine.

reminder and verification.

there is provision of opting out….in cases of tragedy etc….

The immunization schedule followed is the official one endorsed by Indian Academy of Pediatrics.

Impact studies have been studied in two studies done in India as well as in Kentucky, USA and found to be excellent.


PAHO- Pan American health organization- a wing of WHO has shown interest in utilizing this program in Latin American countries. Brazil may be the first country.

Immunize India in the beginning of the year was one of the three finalists at the ET Global telecom awards. \On 7th August ,2015 Immunize India  won the Ericsson Networked India CNN-IBN awards for best innovation.

Immunize India program can be done in any language in any part of the world which has good mobile phone service and penetrance.

Immunize India as an organization wants to give the benefit of this program to any country that may need it. As a charity orgnization it will design and run the program or train the said country to run it. The program will be given free of charge and the designing it specifically for a country/region/organization will be done on a no-profit as actual costs.

Kindly contact  Dr Ranjan Kumar Pejaver on 009886637708 or e-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for further details.

Future plans Increase coverage of the service.

Utilize television and newspaper media, as well as social platforms, for promotion to the fullest extent.

• Allied organizations like obstetrics, midwifery, nursing and other medical associations will be informed and their cooperation sought.

• In a multi-lingual, multi-ethnic country like India, messages need to go out in local languages, too. Software upgrading and improvements can be made to facilitate this.



Dr Patricks Kamath's Oration talk

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Dear All
It was wonderful to have Dr Patrick Kamath earlier this month, and his Oration has touched many people who were in the audience.
On behalf of the President, Praveen Rodrigues, and all the Alumni committee members, we thank you for visiting St Johns this month.
In order to ensure that your inspiration lives on,I have put your Oration on youtube. We will also upload this to the Alumni website along with the slides for all johnites.
Here is the youtube link.

Best regards,
PS: Please forward to those who are not on the Facebook thread and other sites
Dr Antony Robert Charles
Consultant Pediatric Surgeon/ Pediatric Urologist

The Passing away of Dr Mathew Manadan

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Hi Johnites,  

Dr. Mathew Manadan  from the first batch passed away last night.  Death was sudden. He was watching TV when he collapsed and died. He had some health issues ; nothing serious as we know.
He was one of the first johnites to move to U.S.A in 1971. He lived in Cleveland ever since. He  was an anesthesiologist until retired two years ago.  I do not have any other details at this time . Will post it when available. A gentle giant, one of the nicest people you can ever meet.  Will miss one of my closest friends and roommate from St. Johns.
May his soul Rest in Peace.   

George Varghese


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