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Silver Jubilee Celebrations 2007-1980-1982

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Silver Jubilee Celebrations (Batches 1980, 1981 & 1982) – Aug 2-4 , 2007

The response to these celebrations was rather good with 95 Jubilarians coming back to their Alma mater with their families.


                                                       1980 batch

                                                                                       1980 GROUP

The first day was meant to be “academic” with a CME on “Diabetes” hosted by the Dept of Endocrinology. Delegates included General Practitioners from Bangalore, PG’s from local Medical Colleges and our own Doctor Sisters with intermittent guest appearances by the Jubilarians. The Director Rev. Dr. Thomas Kalam hosted Lunch for the Silver Jubilarians and their families The Annual General Body Meeting was held at 4.00pm. Later that evening each class had their Individual Class Get-togethers at independent locations with typical St.Johns gossip.

                                                   1981 2

                                                                              1981 GROUP

 The 2nd day was a common picnic at Confident Cascade Resort with Breakfast, Lunch, Tea and Dinner being organized at the Resort.

 “Thanni” was unlimited. Very conspicuous in the pool was the extra pounds meticulously accumulated over the years. Cricket matches, dance and music continued till bones creaked.

                                        1982 1

                                                              1982 GROUP

The next morning saw the Silver Jubilarians clash with the current college Hockey team.(And as usual the Jubilarians always “won” !!).


The Grand Banquet and Get-together was held later that evening at the St. John’s Medical College Hostel Mess. Our guests included all Alumni with spouse, all past and present Teachers, and the management. The Jubilarians and their families were Special Invitees at the Banquet.  Each Jubilarian was presented a Titan designer watch with the St. Johns logo on the dial. It was a night of nostalgia, with repeated comments like - “We are really lucky to have made it”, “I would not like to miss this for all the world”, “St. Johns is, and was always the best”…...


To see pics of the reunion Irwin Link BELOW

Many thanks to Irwin Lasarado, Theo Joachim ,Roy Malliakal,Srinivas Chinataptla and Vasanth Roa Kadam   all who have contributed their pictures


Archives North American Chapter Reunion Baltimore 2002

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Dear Alumni;

Let me begin by apologizing for the delay in bringing out this report. I know a lot of you were eagerly waiting to know about all the events that took place at the SJMC Alumni Association North American Chapter meeting at Baltimore. I sincerely hope that the wait will prove worthwhile.



While it was an Honor and pleasure for Peter, myself and the rest of the executive committee to serve you, as members of a unique and forward thinking organization, I am sure that all of you will agree that change is critical for an organization to move forward healthier and stronger. We thus would like to wish Willie Gomes and the new committee all the very best in their new term. As always, the outgoing committee promises to be involved and lend support whenever needed.

The reunion festivities got off to a Johnite start with an unofficial reception at the beautiful and recently renovated Hyatt Resort, Golf Club, Spa and Marina in Cambridge, MD. While many of us had flown in from distant parts of the North American continent, others in the tri-state area preferred to suffer the harrowing 6.5-hour drive down the NJ Turnpike. Air travelers were greeted by the harrowing ‘sniper’ traffic at the Baltimore airport! However, with the worst of the reunion behind them Johnites both old and new slowly began trickling in to be received in true Johnite style by Dr’s. Marian Kamath, Paul Thuluvath, BV Amar, and Adrian Medina among others.

The party and the booze flowed late into the night. When the restaurant and bar closed the reveler moved into guest rooms and continued the festivities. The evening highlight was the arrival of the outgoing President of the association finally crossing the finish line into the resort at 2:30 am!

The GBM started with a solemn moment of silence in respect for Peter Mullaikal's father who had recently passed away. This was followed by a welcome address and opening remarks by Dr. Peter D'Sa. Mention was made of the CHS (Catholic Health Services) supporting the staff exchange program with a grant of $30,000 (thanks to the effort of Dr. Marian Kamath); and the equipment transfer program that has seen 3 containers of equipment sent to St. John’s so far.

Rev. Dr. Thomas Kalam, Director St. Johns National Academy of Health Sciences, spoke next and updated the North American alumnus about activities at their alma mater. He spoke at length about the
efforts of Dr. Anura Kurpad in setting up the premier Research Institute at St. John’s. It is hoped that this institute will help propel the medical college as one of the premier institutes of population growth studies and clinical trials. He stressed that by making research a priority, that SJMC will improve its overall ranking among medical colleges in India.



Fr. Kalam also spoke about the formation of a steering committee with the involvement of alumnus to help guide SJMC in achieving its objective of medical excellence while providing care to the medically under-served in India (The North American Chapter is currently in the process of forming this committee. If you would like to participate please contact the new President, Dr. William Gomes for details). St. John’s today operates in a highly competitive healthcare market where it needs to attract paying clientele to help it to continue providing service to the needy. It is hoped that with the formation of the steering committee, there will be a greater exchange of ideas and better communication between the alumni and the parent body in achieving this objective. Fr. Kalam however reiterated that SJMC was healthy and strong. All such planning is to ensure that we are able to think ahead and take the institution to the next level of excellence.

Dr. Meenakshi Bharat made a strong presentation about the state of the parent body including all events sponsored by the parent body and their financial status. She also rekindled fond memories of the alma mater with an excellent video presentation comprised of interviews with alumni currently serving on the staff at SJMC. Unfortunately due to shortage of time only half the video could be seen during the GBM and the other half was screened during the banquet in the evening. We will make efforts to try and stream this through the web also if possible. We wish to specially thank Dr. Dominic Misquith and all others involved in making this very memorable video.


The parent body also made an appeal to all North American alumni to become life-members of the parent body and to support activities of the alumni association at SJMC. The request did not go unheard with dues from a majority of outstanding members attending the reunion getting collected. Further Dr. Orlando D’Silva along with the first 5 batches of SJMC pledged $10,000 towards supporting the Isaac Abraham Memorial Hockey tournament, while Dr’s Gladwyn Baptist and Anil Britto have committed $1,000/yr to support the H.J. Mehta Memorial Oration.

Next, Dr. Brian Pereira presented "A Call to Action" - an inspiring talk that outlined his thoughts and vision about a business plan for St. John’s. Agreeing with Fr. Kalam’s thoughts, he noted that the medical landscape in India was rapidly changing and that SJMC needed to revaluate its position, competitiveness and strategy in this environment. He stressed that for SJMC to compete in this new environment it needed to build an outstanding institution that would attract outstanding staff and in turn outstanding students. He also talked about the need for Alumni to convert their role from passive stakeholders to active members of the Governing Board, guide the Governing Board in articulating the mission, and assisting the management in accomplishing the mission. To secure an important role in governance he stated that, "We" (i.e. the alumnus) needed to bring value in terms of Wealth (financial, technology, knowledge), Wisdom (managerial) and Work. Financial assistance comes from fund-raisers, Golf Day, sponsored events, alumni philanthropy (Friends of St. Johns, annual giving or estate bequests), wealthy contacts and charities. In addition, he stated that opportunities existed to channel to St. Johns technology, books & journals, medical equipment, etc.

In more concrete terms, each alumnus could choose the level of his/her level of involvement. Some concrete suggestions included: a) "Picking a Project" - knowledge transfer, take leadership and ownership of a pet initiative, develop an affiliation with your university; b) "Adopting a Department" - serve on the faculty, teach courses and assist in curriculum development, develop new clinical and research programs, sister relationship with your Department/Division, conduct courses & symposia with international & local faculty; and c) "Identifying a Buddy" - mentoring, revolutionary techniques, research collaboration, visiting fellowship, travel assistance to meetings, co-author reviews. Fr. Kalam was very open to suggestions and discussions and took into stride the detailed business plan presented by Brian.

Dr. Selwyn Baptist (1963 batch and Past President, SJMC, NA Chapter) updated the audience on his plan to get the SJMC Department of Pathology (DOP) accredited by the College of American Pathologists (CAP). He said that this would serve as a model for the pathology departments of other Medical Colleges and Teaching Hospitals in India for accreditation by CAP. He said that accreditation by CAP will establish that the DOP meets international standards. This according to him should bring prestige to SJMC, increase the volume of testing, generate more research material and income, and become part of the infrastructure needed to support the development of biotechnology in the Bangalore region. The SJMC Alumni Association of NA has agreed to help (partially) fund the plan. However, Dr. Baptist needs further help. Donations can be made to ‘Friends of St. John's’ indicating that the donation is for the Department of Pathology Fund.

On the business end a number of issues were discussed and put to vote. This included a vote on the future of all fund raising by the North American Chapter. It was unanimously decided that money collected from all future fund raisers would go towards building a large endowment fund. Interest on this money would then be used to fund other projects.
The goal of the endowment fund would be to raise $1 million before our next reunion two years from now.
Our new President has volunteered to spearhead this drive by setting an example with a large donation himself. If any one would like to make a pledge we have pledge cards or one could make a pledge over the Internet too. Unless specifically designated for by the donor all donations and fund raising money would go to build the endowment fund. All donations to the Friends of SJMC are Tax deductible. If all of us were to redirect half our tax deductible donations from their current recipients to Friends of SJMC this goal can be reached even sooner.

The idea of adopting a village as the offspring of the 11th reunion was discussed and met with enthusiasm. However there was not enough time to discuss this in detail and it was decided that this discussion as well as others would be carried out through e-mail. We plan to put out a Questionnaire soon and hope that all of you will respond. Requests were also made to all attendees to become life members of the NA Chapter. Also the plan to form local chapters and class reps to help get everybody in the loop was also discussed. This effort will also be continued over the Internet and any volunteers would be welcome.

Dr. Ephrem Thoppil presented a report on the “Friends of St. John’s”. He stated that the organization had received very favorable support from the SJMC alumni as well as well-wishers. The two golf outings conducted in 2000 and 2001 helped raise approximately $60,000. Further, we were able to get a grant of $ 30,000 from the Catholic Health Services of Long Island. The Dr. Monteiro Memorial Fund currently has $ 11,145, while the Dr Noel Fernandes Fund has $ 13,039.55. Many alumni have also contributed to set up a trust fund in US for the benefit of St. John's Medical College. The current Trust Fund balance is 56,395.64.
Mostly through these financial resources, many faculty from Bangalore have been able to visit the US for short-term training, while we have been able to send equipments and books to St Johns and also establish scholarships to poor students.

The highlight of the morning was
the release of “Yatra” – the first ever magazine of the SJMC Alumni Association
, North American Chapter. We hope to make this a regular feature at our meetings and unanimously voted to include a new post of Magazine Secretary to coordinate this effort.

New elections were then held for various posts.
The newly elected committee includes: President - Willie Gomes; Vice President - Anil Britto; Secretary - Angelo Patil; Treasurer – Jimmy Khandalwala; Communication Sec. – Ragaven Baliga; and Magazine Sec – Felicia Ann Ambrose.
Our heartiest congratulations once again to the new committee.


For the first time we were able to make our reunion both a fun and educational event by including a CME session in the afternoon. Topics included:

# HCV – Diagnosis, Natural History and Management: Paul J. Thuluvath, M.D., F.R.C.P, Associate Professor, The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine;

# Depression – Diagnosis and Management: Gita Jayaram, M.D., Associate Professor, The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine; and

# Coronary Artery Disease Among Asians: Ragaven Baliga, MD., Assistant Professor, University of Michigan.

The CME’s were well attended and hopefully will be a standard fixture at all our future meetings. A few people were able to run away and fit a game of tennis and golf between the
CME and dinner!



The evening was very extraordinary with a cocktail hour followed by an elegant sit down banquet attended by 118 adults and 31 kids. Some great dancing with DJ music till midnight enlivened the evening. Past midnight some memories of our hostel days were rekindled with some soul searching and moving singsong spearheaded by Gladwyn Baptist and his merry men - maybe a little too merry! The evening’s festivities came to a close at 4:00 am







The next morning was no different from what any of us would have done while in St. Johns. The same folk, who were partying till 4:00 am, woke up at 7 a.m. to attend mass said by Fr. Kalam at St. Patrick’s Cathedral (only in this case Peter’s room). Following mass was breakfast in the mess – only in this case a cruise down the river in a big ‘Paddle Boat’, New Orleans style. Breakfast however was very Indian – Kapi, Vada, Idli, and Sambhar! Of course there was another singsong this time by a very hung over Gladwyn and his merry men! Lunch too was served on the boat with great Kerala style fish curry before the flame was put out till the next reunion.




 We missed you if you did not come and look forward to all alumni showing up for the next reunion in Omaha Nebraska in the summer of 2004. Take care and please make every effort to stay in touch and let us know if you would be willing to volunteer to help by donating some of your time to helping us coordinate our activities.

Peter and I would like to thank each and every one of you who made Baltimore 2002 possible. It was really gratifying to see the huge turn out and hope that similar participation will continue at future events. We also wish to thank all those who helped us in our various activities during our term – there are too many to thank individually here. Of course in the interests of our own health we would like to thank our respective wives, Lygia and Maya, for putting up with us and supporting and encouraging us through our activities as part of the Alumni Association over the past 2 years.

We are including an electronic copy of “Yatra” and some pictures from the reunion – hope you will like them.

Till next time then…

Peter, Jijo, and The Ex Committee.


Archives -The North American Chapter Chicago Reunion 2006

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The North American Chapter reunion was held at the Hotel Double Tree Oakbrook Sep 2nd-4th, 2006

Johnites starting checking into the hotel on Friday night. On Saturday most people had arrived and an informal meeting was held to discuss the agenda for the GBM on Sunday.

A lively discussion took place with a active group of participants whereas others enjoyed themselves visiting the waterfront in Chicago or participating in a lunch cruise on Lake Michigan organized by Binu Phillips.

Saturday night highlights included an open houses graciously hosted by the families of Winston Sequeira, Peter Noronha, Vijay Bajaj, Annita and Tom John and Ivan Chou  and  Vikram Prabhu.

The food was excellent and I think everyone had a great time meeting different generations of Johnites in a very informal setting. Some of us party hopped till the wee hours of the morning whereas others decided to enjoy themselves at one or two homes!!

After the night of partying Johnites in the true Johnite spirit woke up bright and early to attend the CME program. The theme of the CME program was wellness and ageing and clinical advances in medicine.

ch 61

Our featured alumni speakers included O’Neill DCruz (‘78), Jovita Crasta (’74), Jyothy Puthammanaa (‘89) , Jaishankar Raman (’79), Thomas John (’70), Vikram Prabhu (‘85  ), Kumar Belani (‘68 ). The meeting was well attended, the presentations were excellent and there was a lot of discussion following the presentations.

After Thai food for lunch, a 2 hour GBM followed. A number of topics were discussed some which included the role of the NA alumni as an organization and its relationship to the alma mater, membership, involvement of younger Johnites in the organization and issues related to the Friends of St John’s. Anita Shet (’89) who was visiting from SJMC gave her perspective about how we could further strengthen our ties with the alma mater.
Elections were held and the new committee includes
1. President (2 year term): Raghavendra Baliga (’78)
2. Birgit Khandelwala : Vice President and President elect ( ‘80 )
3. Secretary Treasurer (2 year term):  Joy Malliakal   (‘80)
4. Communications Secretary: O Neill D’Cruz (‘78)
5. Event Coordinator: Annita John (‘75)
5. Trustee (2 year term): Deepak Edward (‘74)
The Board of Trustees for the Friends of St Johns will include
  1. William Gomes (2 year term)
  2. George Varghese (2 year term)
  3. Marian Kamath (4 year term)
  4. Nirmal Raj (4 year term)
  5. Raghavendra Baliga ( 2 year term as President of SJMCAA NA Chapter)
The GBM was followed by Mass at 6 pm and then a reception and a grand banquet attended by over 200 people. The banquet hall was beautifully decorated in St Johns colors (thanks to Annita John and helpers!!).

ch 87

Annita was the MC for the evening and lead the singing of the St Johns anthem (which was a surprise to many; that something like that existed!!). Thomas Chandy (’68) visiting from Bangalore gave us a brief history of the association and encouraged younger johnites to keep up the tradition.

The sumptuous Indian buffet was followed by an evening of dancing and revelry with a live band “The Connexions” playing wonderful music. In the background was a slideshow made from contributions of many generations of Johnites. The party continued into the wee hours of the morning with a sing along led by Gladwyn Baptist and Annita.

ch 95

The weekend ended on Monday with some folks getting up to play a game of golf and other headed out to the airport or the highway to go home. Some folks stayed back for a brunch at an Indian restaurant before heading back home.

A highlight of the event was 18 members of the first batch attending the event and it was great to hear their stories of those ‘good old days”. Also it was nice to see and meet many of the younger Johnites.
If you would like to see pictures of the event please paste the following link in your browser and click on icon


Cheers and signing off till the next reunion in 2 years!!
Deepak (’74) on behalf of the organizing committee

Johnite Dr Mario Desouza - one of the organisers of the GGC

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Dr Mario De souza the CEO/MD Director of the Royal Hospital of Oman and the  founder and General Secretary of the Gulf Goan Association helped th organise the Global Goan Convention November 2009.Of the 1.4 million Goans 1.7 percent are in the gulf region. Dr De souza  is also author of the book Hospital administration which he  co wrote with our now deceased Dean C M Francis.Dr Desouza was also associate administrator of the Saint Johns Hospital.He  has over 25 years of experince in Hospital Management.


Muscat, Nov 5: It was like the whole Goan Diaspora from all over the world coming together at one venue as one family to present the past, discuss the present and plan the future.  It was a meet of many intellectuals from Goa and Goan origin to exhibit their knowledge on Goa, outline the full length past history and present the future prospects of the land of joy, Goa.  

The fourth Global Goan Convention commenced at the Indian Embassy Multipurpose hall on Saturday, 5th November 2009 at 10.00 am was a dream of HE Mr.  Eduardo Faleiro, the Honorable Commissioner for NRI Affairs, Government of Goa, primarily to unit the Goan spread all over the world and then, to focus on the problems of Goans.  It was a suitable platform to promote Goan art, culture and social interaction, and also to provide an emotional link between the Goans of the world.

The first Global Goan Convention was held in the year 2006 in Goa and then, in Portugal (2007) and Canada (2008). The current convention is being organized under the patronage of HE Mr. Eduardo Feleiro and His Excellency Mr. Anil Wadhwa, the Ambassador of India to Oman. The whole program of two days, 5th and 6th November, is formulated and arranged by the Goan Community of Oman (GCO) under the able leadership of Flynn De Lima, the current President of GCO. 

In the morning hours, there was a graceful Goan spirit spreading around the venue at the lawns of Indian Embassy Building at Al Khuwair. Every Goan entered the premises had a cheerful smile to share to the fellow Goans. Everyone was beautifully dressed for the grand occasion of the year.Dr. Mario De Souza beautifully presented the true outlines of “The Goan” and “The Gulfie” the popular term of the Goan working in the Gulf.  He also aptly narrated the transformation takes place in the living standards in Goa, once a Goan becomes a Gulfie. He stressed that the Goans all over the world are truly famous for their diligence, loyalty and integrity.

Dr. Mario presented the theme of the current convention which is “the Gulf Goan”. He also highlighted the core topics revolving around this theme are :

Overseas Goan Groups
Employment Opportunities and Conditions abroad
Preserving and Promoting Goan Identity and Culture
Family Issues – Education, Communication, Travel, Housing, Entertainment
Investment Opportunities in Goa
Relocating back to Goa.
Dr. Mario pointed out the existing problems of Non-resident Goans in Goa specially in securing seats for NRG’s children in the Medical colleges and the Goan Identity for NRGs. He also requested the Government authorities to help to sort out the existing problems of NRGs   .

To read more and see pics please access the link below                                                               


Indira's Story-- Project at Magaluru BlickKontakt Magazine

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Indira gets help
Should she be put into a special residential school? Seven years old Indira was multiple impaired and showed a strange behaviour – even the supporting grandmother was helpless. Indira was opposing – which child would like to be put into a residential school? The parents knit their brows. Not earning more than a very low painter’s salary, how should they be able to contribute to a place in a residential school? On the other hand – having Indira at home was overtaxing everybody!

Downwards, nothing else
Indira’s visual acuity dwindled as well as the strength of her muscles in arms and legs. She had only been able to creep on the floor – while her contemporaries went to school, chatting and laughing together. Indira could only speak some short sentences. She was nervous, discontented and refractory.


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