Congratulations to the Johnites that matched in 2015

The following Johnites from various batches that  matched into programs for 2015 the list will be updated as names roll in
1) Omkar Phadke- Pediatrics
2) Priyanka Mathias-Internal medicine
3) Meera Sundar-Family medicine
4) Biju Poulose- Psychiatry
5) Swathi  Subramany (2007) Categorical internal medicine 
6) Nimmy John ....Categorical internal medicine
7) Serin Edwin- Internal Medicine
8) M D Jose ....Internal Medicine
9) Mark M Aloysius.......Prematch categorical Internal medicine at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine Bronx Program at the VA hospital.New York
11)Mary Ann Prakash... Pediatrics
12) Avian Chang- Surgery
13) Sherwin Desouza...Internal Medicine
Johnite spouses that matched
1) Sandhya Choudhary (Rajesh Zachariah's wife): Advanced Dermatology
2) Yamini Sachinanand (Sandeep Sachidanand's wife): Internal Medicine

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